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Journal Journal: Nightly builds of Helix Player for Linux

Nightly builds for the Helix Player for Linux are now available. We need to work on the prose for this page...there's both a Helix DNA Client, which is a cross platform media engine for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Symbian and many others (more info), and a Helix Player (Gtk+ GUI for media playback on Linux, Solaris, and HP/UX, among others). The builds are sorta mixed together on the page, so you have to scroll down to see 'em.

Of course, these are bleeding edge bits. If you want to find out when we do a release, the best tool is to subscribe to the Freshmeat project entry for Helix Player.


Journal Journal: Electorama!

Earlier this week, I launched Electorama!, a website dealing with electoral reform. Not a lot of interest just yet (the people I would have expected to jump on this are on the Election Methods list), but it's still early. I'm making a point of posting one news item a day. We'll see how long I can keep that up. ;)

Journal Journal: Hey wait, Corel gets a topic and we (Helix) don't? ;-) 1

Given that I've posted more to Slashdot than I'll bet all other Corel employees have combined, this hardly seems fair (at least, those that would do it making their affiliation obvious). I know, I know, we're newbees to open source. For the sarcastically impaired, this complaint is purely tongue in cheek.

The Slashdot thread on Helix DNA Producer went o.k. all things considered. Lots of complaining about "spyware" and "adware". Personally, I'm doing everything I can to ensure we get over this, both by getting the word out that we're working to improve our reputation, and making sure we live up to a better reputation.

If you'd truly like to influence us on these types of issues is to go through official channels. You've got people who are gathering statistics and studying the data, rather than getting anecdotal stories from one of the resident open source bigots.

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