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Journal Journal: Trolling the Troll

Scientists claim that women are more of "right-brain" thinkers. That's the imaginative and holistic side of the brain

You misspelled readers of fad psychology colums in cosmo. And get with the times, it's the men who are portrayed as the irrational romantics now, which would make them the "right-brainers".

There's very little to this left/right brain dichotomy unless you've got a split brain disorder or had your corpus colossum cut for epilepsy. Tetris is all about pattern recognition and matching, which actually is localized to a hemisphere. The left one. Music? Right brain, tested of course only on people listening to music. Poetry? Language, that's left-brain, baby.

It damn sure took both halves to write this response.

I realize that its wrong to troll on news stories, so I'm just going to vent a little.

I misspell. I'm kind of human like that. Since the AC troll made many spelling mistakes in the troll response, it prove's she's human, too. The main reason I assume the Troll is a "she" is because she took offense at women being categorized. I understand that, too.

However, I don't read Cosmo (it's capitalized) columns (with "mn" at the end). I'm actually referring to yet another news story that John Allen Paulos, in his ABCNews column, expounded on. It was a scientific study that proves men are better at math. That's men in general, not all men. It's a real study that I could look up and report on, but why bother? It won't change the Troll's opinion.

I'm not sure why she brought up the severence of the corpus collosum and then called the brain a dichotomy? Brains are not easily divided into discrete sets as the word "dichotomy" requires. And, I wasn't saying that men or women use only one side of the brain.

Either we're raised this way or its Y-chromosome linked. It doesn't matter. Women think more of overall concept and are more creative. That sounds like a compliment. Do I know women that are better than men at math? You betcha. Does every activity require both halves of the brain? You betcha.

The bottom line is that the difference is strong enough for a correlation, but not enough to be a handicap. Women should, by nature, be slightly better at Tetris. Men, myself included, have a slight difficulty thinking in the "big picture" of setting up the Tetrises. However, the neatly lining up of pieces individually is natural. In other words, I used the word "holistic" correctly, and I'm sorry it confused the troll.

I also feel sad that people are trying for equality through "sameness." That isn't what equality is. When done correctly, equality means all are treated the same and fairly, but the differences are there so we must accept them! Not accepting differences is the path of ignorance. It is literally the intentional ignoring of knowledge.

Journal Journal: Down-votes like this make no sense

Once again, I put in a comment that applied directly to the story without being redundant. I left it at the modest "2" and it adds interest to the story. Yet, someone who obviously didn't RTFA or didn't read my comment completely modded me down. This is why I turned off moderator points for myself.

Journal Journal: Peer Moderation is Sometimes REALLY WRONG

My Comment was incredibly unfairly moderated down. It just goes to show you that some peer moderation is completely worthless. I got a -1 for "Redundant," even though it neither copied the article nor copied anyone else. It couldn't be redundant, it's the first non-trivial post! As for the -1 Troll, I'm not sure how that happened, either, because I made and extremely valid point that the article was just plain wrong. I rubbed a couple people the wrong way, I guess.

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