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Submission + - Stress-Testing Software for Deep Space (

kenekaplan writes: "NASA has used VxWorks for several deep space missions, including Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. When the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) needs to run stress tests or simulations for upgrades and fixes to the OS, Wind River’s Mike Deliman gets the call. In a recent interview, Deliman, a senior member of the technical staff at Wind River, which is owned by Intel, gave a peek at the legacy technology under Curiosity’s hood and recalled the emergency call he got when an earlier Mars mission hit a software snag after liftoff."

Comment Not so fast (Score 5, Interesting) 232

If you read past page 1, what RAW-G warned about isn't even quite what had been happening recently:

"The link between oxygen saturation at lower altitudes and the recent spate of hypoxia-like incidents at high altitudes remains a matter of debate, and it is likely that there are other contributing factors."

But don't let that get in the way of headlines.

Comment Re:Things that make your college degree less valua (Score 1) 1138

It's like having $100. If you give everyone in America an extra $100, the value of your $100 declines because there's more money floating around.

No - education is not a limited resource being divided up among the population (like the work being represented by money). It is like an mp3. You can overpay, not like the song, but its value is dependent entirely on you - how you appreciate it, how you use it.

Start by getting a degree that YOU value, and you'll use it to make your life better. It might mean more money, but it also might mean a more fulfilled life.

Comment it's about the cpu-time (Score 4, Insightful) 378

Unfortunately, the AI generally only gets a tiny slice of the CPU time. If it were to use as much as the graphics, etc, then sure: the extra processing required to make the AI believably stupid would be easy. The innovations are there, it's just they are too slow or processor intensive to be implemented in most games.

Toshiba Paid Off To Drop HD-DVD? 229

TripleP writes "Was Toshiba paid-off to concede the HD battle? There are some signs that may point to this as a direct result of the ended format war. Reuters has reported that Sony has agreed to sell its Cell and RSX fabrication plants in Japan to Toshiba. The WSJ is reporting that is is a joint venture in the form of 60% Toshiba,%20 Sony and %20 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc."

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