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Journal Journal: Blizzard hiring for StarCraft MMO?

Browsing through the Blizzard job opportunities web site yielded some interesting information. On the right side of this page there are several jobs posted with a "Top Secret" icon, but several of the job titles have a "Next-Gen MMO" next to them. Let the rumor mill start grinding!
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Journal Journal: Recommended servlet container hosting company?

I recently wrote a servlet/JSP application that organizes pictures for my immediate and extended family. I'm currently hosting it on my local PC using Sun Application Server 9.01. Speeds seem to be quite fast when my family uploads pictures (around 90 KB/s), but when they go to view all the albums, things slow down a bit. I wanted to look into the possibility of getting a relatively cheap web hosting company that offers a servlet container. What would you suggest?
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Journal Journal: New biggest pet peeve. 1

So, my new biggest pet peeve is when people eat chips. I know it seems odd, but I work in an office with no dividers or white noise generators between myself and my co-workers. It's a strange configuration really, working in cubes without walls. Anyway, there are only 3 other people in my office, but one of them loves to eat chips at lunch. And every time he does, he takes about 30 minutes to finish a bag. All I hear every day at lunch is *crunch crunch crunch* (insert plastic rustling) *crunch crunch crunch crunch*.

Actually I think it bothers me more on days that I'm more tired (like today) but I actually have to remove myself from the room because I'm getting so irritated... *sigh* Such is life in the computer world I suppose.

Son of a... he just started crunching again!!
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Journal Journal: Inauguration

This is the inaugural entry to my journal page! I've waited long... and I've thought hard... and I finally decided that it's a good idea to start journaling on slashdot. I guess I waited until I got my karma up to Excellent, but eh... who knows how this will affect that and so forth.

I'm sitting at work, waiting to be released from the current page that's kept me for the last hour. Yes, we are receiving obs, no the databases aren't down, yes the data is flowing. Let me go home to my wife and dog! Goodness... Update: Just called them, and "They are having a password issue logging in." Yeah, the people who reported the problem in the first place are having password issues, but it should be "moments" until they can log in and tell me the exact same thing that I verified an hour ago.

Bah. I hope Mandi's pouring some champagne...

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