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Journal Journal: Too fast 1

The Original article was posted at 01:43PM

There were 6 comments when I started my post. By the time I finished the five or six paragraphs of My comments it was 02:13PM, and 186 posts!


How the hell do you expect anybody to really read the article, digest it and respond intelligently in less than a half of an hour? I mean absolutely no one is going to read my (Score:1) post way down there! So doesn't this system reward those who are quickest to the draw? And thus those posts that are stupid one liners, uninformed opinion pieces, trolls, or all of the above?

Me thinks there should be at least a 15 minute delay between the publishing of the original article and the acceptance of the "first post."

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Journal Journal: Moderation stinks

The original story is posted at 10:12AM.

My post was at 10:23AM.

Oh my God! It got moderated down to "Redundant!"

What the hell has happened to Slashdot? Don't people even read the threads anymore?

It had been moderated up to 5 by noon (Thanks all.) I had had six replies that had expanded the idea. It was an interesting thread, lots of people were reading and discussing. One of the replies (that had expanded the story line so that those who hadn't seen the episode would know what the hell we were talking about) was also moderated up to 5.

Then some complete idiot moderates it back down as redundant. That kind of stupidity actually makes my head hurt. It was the first post! All of the other posts were based on THIS ONE!

By definition, if it's the first story on the subject, evokes a few responses all along the same line of thinking which themselves also get moderated... and it does not simply repeat a theme from the original story... it can't possibly be fucking redundant!

This is what happens when moron newbies get to moderate. They have their personal settings set so that threads aren't nested properly, and they see posts completely out of order.

Slashdot stinks now.

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