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Comment Re:Sound quality (Score 1) 69

Quality recording equipment doesn't make a performance any better,

Actually, yes it can - especially in woodwind or brass instruments. There's a lot of subtle high-frequency stuff going that won't get picked up in a low-fi environment, and that's where much of the skill in playing a complex wind instrument resides. You often don't hear little mistakes the musician is making until you hear a high-quality version of a previously low-quality mp3, for example.


Three ISPs Agree To Block Child Porn 572

Goobergunch and other readers sent in word that Sprint, Time Warner, and Verizon have agreed to block websites and newsgroups containing child pornography. The deal, brokered by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, occurred after Cuomo's office threatened the ISPs with fraud charges. It's of some concern that the blacklist of sites and newsgroups is to be maintained by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an NGO with no legal requirement for transparency. Here are two further cautions, the first from Lauren Weinstein: "Of broader interest perhaps is how much time will pass before 'other entities' demand that ISPs (attempt to) block access to other materials that one group or another feels subscribers should not be permitted to see or hear." And from Techdirt: "[T]he state of Pennsylvania tried to do pretty much the same thing, back in 2002, but focused on actually passing a law ... And, of course, a federal court tossed out the law as unconstitutional. The goal is certainly noble. Getting rid of child porn would be great — but having ISPs block access to an assigned list isn't going to do a damn thing towards that goal."

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