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Journal Journal: Android application mysteriously appears

One of the women at work reported that an application appeared on her android phone, one that she did not download and that she was unable to remove. She forwarded me a link that states

Google says that there was a bug that caused the Russian version of the mail app to erroneously appear in the "My Apps" section of Google Play for a large number of Android users. However, Google says that it disabled the app some time ago, so it was never actually installed on any devices. Google is currently working on a fix for the "My Apps" issue.

"Right now, it looks like that the process for removing the app may require some Android hacking skills"

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Journal Journal: Al Quaeda Hacks Phone System(?) 1

Log of a chat session from a few minutes ago from a friend in Texas:

K: my client got their phone systems hacked by al-qaeda
that's my exciting news of the day
  Sent at 3:16 PM on Monday

  me: for real?

  K: yeah

  me: what system they use?

K: happened late last night
beats me
i just heard facilities talkin
[the telephone company] suspended their account
so they are without long distance right now
until they redo the phone setup

  me: they use VOIP?

K: no
from what their Facilities director told me, al-qaeda probably happened upon their main number by accident
noticed they used all default settings
then took advantage of the automated switchboard and call forwarding features to make calls to eritrea, somalia, luxembourg, and other places
[the telephone company] noticed the activity and the number they were dialing in with
guess it was on some flagged list
and suspended the account immediately
pretty crazy huh
straight out of a movie =P

  me: some sophistication there, points to a concerted effort at hacking

K: yeah, i wish i could have stayed around to see what happened but i had a meeting
it certainly piqued my interest
  Sent at 3:24 PM on Monday

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