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Journal Journal: None

I hate the journal.
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Journal Journal: Snow

There is snow on the ground here in Nebraska, and I wanted to write this, because I have not written anything in a long time. That's it.
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Journal Journal: God and Science 1

I think that the odds are in the favor of there being other intelligent folks out there, and I do not believe that this flies in the face of religion at all.

Why can we assume that we are the only planet that God chose to begin life on? I don't think we can make that call, I'm pretty sure that God knew what he was doing, if he granted us the ingenuity to be able to detect signals from the cosmos, and the scientific and mathematical skills to ascertain that there may be other life, then he intended us to find it.

I feel the same way about evolution, since I am on the topic of religion/science. Wait, that is not a good way to put it. Religion and science are NOT mutually exclusive, just differing ways of describing the same thing. If the universe can be looked at as a massive person, for instance, I don't think that we can see the whole thing at once, but "science" examines the brain, while "religion" examines the heart.

I don't think science can overstep it's bounds, either, because that would imply that mankind has power over God, which is absurd. I am no believer in predestination, but I think God has a good grasp on what happens down here.

I can understand the position of Deists, that God started us going, and left us alone, but that would allow that God set us going well in the first place, and that we would not, or could not screw up totally our existence.

I am a believer in Theistic evolution, I suppose, that god runs the show on the direction of evolution, and I take a similar stand on most science/religion controversies.

Well, that is all I have to say for now.

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