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Journal Journal: 6 computers and nothing to compute 1

Here is where I am at with my computers these days... I have built two decent quad core Phenom II based computers (mostly just to experiment with overclocking and unlocking cores on Phenom II x2 processors). I have a Sempron based computer with 4 TB of hard disk space that I use with FreeNas to store backups for all of my computers/media (because I got interested in experimenting with FreeNas). I have two old laptops (both Athlon based). I have two Celeron based computers as well. I like booting into Puppy Linux and tinkering on the Celeron Machines.

I am at the point where I have already tried to donate these machines to some useful cause, but no one will take them because the laptops are old and the desktops are old/home built.

The main use I have for the Quad core machines is that I use Handbrake to rip DVDs to mp4 format. I also like tinkering with Virtual Machines so I start up Debian Squeeze in a Virtualbox every now and then.

Basically, I am at a loss. What should I do with all of this aging and ever more useless equipment? Incidentally, I already played with BOINC and let all of my machines search for alien life with SETI. Its really not that interesting.

I am interested in building a virtual cluster, and I have been googling the concept a little bit. I would be happy to have a lan party but A) I don't have many friends interested in computers and B) I don't play games. Suggestions?

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