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Journal Journal: Sad State of Nerd Affairs 2

Its really sad to see the Slashdot community go from a can do, toaster modding bunch of creative tech junkies, into an Apple teet sucking, iPod praising pussies, sucking up Apples marketing crap and pretending it just the natural, uncommercialized evolution from Linux to a solid GUI. And everyone using Windows and a non Apple Ipod is missing something.

Please, please pull that giant Apple marketing dildo out of your collective asses.

Windows is not broken, OSX is not infallable, and Ipods are ubertrendy.
If you're going to be a whore, that's fine. But don't do it under the guise that it's the right thing, trying to rationalize your weakness to flutter into the mainstream.

If you can't list 100 reasons why OSX is better than Windows and vice versa, another 20 why an Ipod is better than its -$100 counterpart and vice versa, you have lost all objectivity. You are now an ignorant whore, and you've lost the plot.

The sky is not falling, Microsoft is not purposely making shitty code, the man is not stealing your hard earned dollars.
The line between the weekend commando, dressing their kids up in cammo in the paranoia of pretecting themselves from democracy, and the M$ hater genuinely thinking that Bill is purposely ruining the world, is paper thin.

Both MS and APPLE are here for one reason, increasing shareholder value. Whoever convinces the market that they aren't wins.

Respect to Steve Jobs, for convincing some of what I thought were the most objective people on the internet, to think different.

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