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Submission + - Google launches "Inactive Account Manager" to deal with Data after the Death ( 1

rtoz writes: Google has announced a new Tool “Inactive Account Manager” which gives Google users the option to have information from inactive accounts wiped from the system or to be shared with friends or family members.
Inactive Account Manager will allow the users to have their data deleted three, six, nine or 12 months after it becomes inactive. Users can also select “trusted contacts” to receive information from various Google services such as Blogger, Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Google Voice and YouTube.
Google users can access “Inactive Account Manager” from here.

Submission + - Samsung and Mozilla Collaborate to provide a new Web Browser Engine "Servo" (

rtoz writes: Samsung and Mozilla have announced that they have Joined to build a new Web browser engine called “Servo”.

In a blog post, Mozilla’s Chief Technical Officer, Brendan Eichneed noted that both the companies feel the need to be prepared to take advantage of tomorrow’s faster, multi-core, heterogeneous computing architectures. That’s why we’ve recently begun collaborating with Samsung on an advanced technology Web browser engine called Servo.”

Servo is an attempt to rebuild the Web browser from the ground up on modern hardware, rethinking old assumptions along the way. This means addressing the causes of security vulnerabilities while designing a platform that can fully utilize the performance of tomorrow’s massively parallel hardware to enable new and richer experiences on the Web. To those ends, Servo is written in Rust, a new, safe systems language developed by Mozilla along with a growing community of enthusiasts.


Submission + - SPAM: Saudi Prince invests in Chian E-Commerce site 360Buy

rtoz writes: "China’s e-Commerce site 360Buy, has received a $400 million investment from a consortium led by Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal who also invested in Twitter. The prince’s Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) contributed roughly $125 million to purchase an undisclosed stake in the company. According to Techcrunch report,Beijing-based 360Buy’s CEO Richard Liu wrote in a companywide email that the funds will be used to continue strategic investments, And this funding round increases 360Buy’s valuation by about 20 percent to $7.25 billion USD from $6 billion USD. 360Buy is having 80 million registered users, and 35 million of them are using it actively. Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal is a major investor in Citigroup. He owns Private Jet With Space for two Rolls-Royces, a stable for horses and camels, a pen for hawks and a prayer room that rotates so it always points toward Mecca. According to NYT, the price of this jet is over $500 million."
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Pope Benedict XVI Will Resign on February 28 (

rtoz writes: "Pope Benedict XVI announced he will resign on February 28, a Vatican spokesman told AFP. He will be the first pope to do so in centuries.
“The pope announced that he will leave his ministry at 8:00 pm (1900 GMT) on February 28,” said the spokesman, Federico Lombardi.

Pope Benedict XVI saying that he is too old to continue as Pople at the age of 85.

He became Pope in 2005 following John Paul II’s death.

The announcement made the Roman Catholic world to think about his likely successor. Indications are that Rafa Benitez will assume the position ‘Interim Pope’ until a better candidate is found.

The last pope to resign was Gregory XII, who left the papacy in 1415 to end what was known as the Western Schism among numerous competitors for the papacy.

Read here the Full text of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation letter:"


Submission + - Michael Dell clarifies his comment about Apple's shut down (

qptopm writes: "Dell Inc. Founder Michael Dell has clarified his comment about Apple which was made 15 years back. Michael Dell said that he was taken massively out of context.He had made an infamous statement “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders” 14 years ago when Apple was trading at $17 a share."

Submission + - Dell Goes Private by selling itself for $24.4 Billion (

rtoz writes: "According to Wall Street Journal, Dell Inc. struck a $24.4 billion deal to take itself private that it called a turning point in efforts to boost its value, even as some shareholders said they are unhappy with the deal’s premium.

Founder and CEO Michael Dell—along with Silver Lake Partners—will offer Dell’s holders a per-share price of $13.65 in cash."

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