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Submission + - Apple reverses decision on In-App subscriptions (

james_van writes: Apple has quietly changed its guidelines on the pricing of In-App Subscriptions on the App Store. There are no longer any requirements that a subscription be the "same price or less than it is offered outside the app". There are no longer any guidelines about price at all. Apple also removed the requirement that external subscriptions must be also offered as an in-app purchase.

Comment Re:Interesting response (Score 1) 669

...I think making a facebook comment is as off-hand as a child saying such a thing at recess....If facebook and so on were not around, I don't really think the kids would have posted their thoughts on fliers on telephone poles near the school. Do you?

Probably not, and expulsion was too harsh. Kids need to be taught that the internet has power beyond their little cliques, and the parents are the ones who should have been taken to task for this.

Comment Re:How do you get offenders to stop? (Score 1) 321

There is an RFC out there (I forget the number off the top of my head) which limits redirects to five. IE6 went above spec and allowed ... 20... I think. IE8 has shortened to allow 10 redirects. FF and Chrome allow the same or less.

I wonder what Safari allows. is particularly frustrating in this respect. When browsing my account and, say, trying to pay my phone bill, I often get the "too many redirects" message, so I have to go back to the entry page and try again.

Don't get me started about Verizon's customer service. Or their voice mail. And I'll never buy a Verizon cell phone. Crap, I got myself started. (However, their FiOS service has been outstanding. Go figure.)

Comment Re:His Official Policy on Homosexuality Is No Secr (Score 1) 617

...we also should insofar as at all possible avoid defining crimes by ultimately unknowable mental states of the aggressors, rather than simply by their actions.

I hear this a lot, but we already have crimes defined by mental state: first-degree and second-degree murder, for example (premeditated and spur-of-the-moment passion, respectively). I suppose hate crimes could be lumped with the former, but they don't always end in the victim's death.

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