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Comment Re:Linked Data, of course (Score 1) 235

Yes, this! I work in bioinformatics, and while relational DBMSes are used by a large number of projects, the problem you face with experimental data is that its organisation is non-obvious and relationships between different bits of data are not apparent. This means that RDBMSes aren't a natural fit. One of my colleagues has been experimenting with graph oriented databases (specifically neo4j (http://neo4j.org/)), an approach which has interesting intersections with declarative programming. In the near future I think much of use will come from being a scientific "data geek", utilising the kind of skills described by Deepak Singh (blog: http://mndoci.com/).

Comment Re:More Clutter in googles interface? (Score 4, Interesting) 41

I also thought that when I first looked at Buzz.... but then I realised that Buzz is actually working off a rather minimalist integration of different websites model. This is actually a good thing - so instead of Facebook's model of providing "albums" and "notes", etc, I can publish a "newsfeed" that features the pictures I upload to flickr, the videos I put on youtube, the blog items I post on blogger, etc. Done right this is much much more powerful than Facebook - and part of "done right" will have to be integrating good ways of finding people - both by attributes such as name and location, and also by "group" - organisational or interest-based affiliation.

Comment Re:Ban how to host a murder while you're at it. (Score 3, Interesting) 473

Ok so then let's take sexualised violence, a staple of slasher films but also available as "snuff" porn. "Flower of Flesh and Blood" for example involves a woman being drugged and cut apart. Ok, so let's take this to its photorealistic conclusion - a computerised simulation of rape and murder. No problems yet? Is there any point where you'd have a problem? Virtual Nazi concentration camp?

I think the point of the article is simply this: a) take something you find disturbing b) imagination a perfectly realistic simulation of that thing and then imagine the effect on people. I don't agree with the author that a legal solution is correct in this instance but I do think there are psychological and social issues to be faced here.

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