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"In other words, it's not enough to merely report on it as an expert. You need to make sure your report exudes a sense of honesty, openness, empathy, and maybe even a hint of humor."

Come to think of it, this sounds a lot like al gore when he presented his global warming video. exuding honesty, openness, empathy and humor are great for getting out the message. of course the message itself needs to be good science. in the case of gore's video, he shows a graph of global warming and c02 levels. the undeniable truth in the graph is that measurements have shown that c02 levels and global temperatures seem to be completely connected. yes they are, but now the way gore explains it. if we could zoom in on any part of the graph, we would see that c02 level changes come *after* changes in global temperature, not before. c02 levels respond to changes in global temperature, not the other way around. and to be honest, true science only concerns itself with measurements. it can only infer causes, but it can never prove causal relationship completely. there will always be some element of doubt.

(putting on my fireproof underwear now ha ha!)

the fact that gore (a politician, not a scientist) got a nobel prize for sharing "good" scientific work that contains clear errors like the one i just shared is just further evidence that the only scientific views that are allowed to be shared are the ones that are politically beneficial to those in power. and so good science will always take a back seat to politically beneficial "science". just consider the work of dr. michael behe concerning irreducible complexity in molecular biology. *he* should have got a nobel prize! he made one of the greatest discoveries ever, and yet because his findings are an "inconvenient truth" for the people in power calling the shots, his findings have been quietly and powerfully buried. (nevermind that none of his peers have ever refuted his work.)

for those of you who are into conspiracy theories, check this out. it may be just another whacko idea with no truth to it at all, or it may be a very good explanation for what is happening in our scientific communities today.

whacko conspiracy link

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