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Submission + - Another warning over IPv4 address exhaustion (

FireFury03 writes: "The BBC is running a story on the IPv4 address exhaustion problem. The chairman of ICANN is warning that IPv4 addresses will probably run out in 2-3 years and we really need to roll out IPv6 now. The article notes that he is also Google's chief internet evangelist (Google still don't publish an IPv6 address for their search engine).

We keep getting these warnings, but very few ISPs and domestic router manufacturers seem to act (is it even possible to get a domestic ADSL router that does IPv6 without putting custom firmare on it yet?) Will we see a large scale roll-out of IPv6 soon, or will the industry wait until the sky falls in before acting?"

The Internet

Submission + - Europe loves Firefox, USA not so much (

An anonymous reader writes: But even better results than XiTi Monitor shows our own counter on the StartCom CA website, with Firefox showing more than 30% already for a long time (see the side menu). I'd say, that we receive a fair amount of visitors evenly spread from all over the world, which might indicate, that the more technical savvy and experienced ones prefer Firefox and other Mozilla based products over IE. If so, are Europeans more mature and technically advanced?
The Media

Submission + - Computer Program to Predict Film Blockbusters (

arclightfire writes: "Epagogix [film industry analysts] have designed a computer program to assess a proposed Hollywood film's chance of success — the Guardian reports; "...It breaks down scripts into hundreds of constituent elements (the setting; whether the hero is black or white or an alien; if everyone's speaking Aramaic), assigning each one a commercial value. Epagogix claims it can estimate 80% of projects' likely US box office to within $10m of the final figure. 'It does something that the studios can't do and we can't do and you can't do — the inter-relationship between multiple factors that the mind just can't compute,' says Nick Meaney [of Epagogix].""

Submission + - Terrorists guilty until proven innocent (

An anonymous reader writes: The Australian Government is well behind in the polls with an election due by the end of the year — so time to wave the terrorist doll, scream 'Terrorist, Terrorist", and hope the voters are scared out their wits.
An Indian doctor is working in Australia, and he went to med school with some of the terrorist suspects in England. He apparently left a mobile phone SIM card with his English cousin, and so after being locked up for more than a week without charge he was finally charged with "recklessly lending a SIM card to terrorists". Now this guy may be innocent or guilty of something or other, but when a magistrate released him on bail the Immigration Minister immediately revoked his work visa, and now he's off to an immigration detention centre. We Aussies have learnt from Guantanamo Bay !


Submission + - Doctor Who to be Axed (again) (

twofish writes: "According to UK tabloid The Sun Hit UK Sci Fi program Doctor Who will reportedly be killed again next year after the end of the fourth season.

Producer Russell T. Davies has decided to bring the hit sci-fi show to a close so he can concentrate on other projects, according to the article. The paper adds that Davies and other senior staff are feeling the strain of the heavy workload imposed by the show nine months a year of 16-hour days and plan to resign en-masse.

Davies, a long time fan of Doctor Who, relaunched the series in 2005, 16 years after the original series was axed. The program is currently mid way through it's third season on UK TV."


Submission + - Sex Offender Banned By MySpace Asks, Why Me?

An anonymous reader writes: A registered sex offender tells WIRED what it's like to be one of the 7,000 offenders kicked off MySpace as part of its new database-driven purge. "Carl H." claims his nonviolent sex crime was committed nine years ago, and didn't involve children. "I use (MySpace) for the most part to find good music bands to listen to, as well as more buddies to game with... Are we so choked by fear as a country that we've forgotten or denied the ability of persons to change?" MySpace has an appeal process, but only in cases of misidentification.

Submission + - ATI committed to fixing its problems with OSS

Sits writes: "While talking about the Red Hat summit Chris Blizzard mentions how an ATI marketing spokesman was on stage. The spokesman said ATI knows it has a problem with open source and is committed to fixing it. Does this mean ATI will finally resolve alleged agpgart misappropriation, fast track the release of open source 2D drivers on its latest cards while releasing specifications for its mid-range cards or is ATI only concerned with fixes to its binary driver to maintain feature parity with competitors?"

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