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Comment Completely reasonable (Score -1, Troll) 329

As the ARM version of Windows 8 is meant to be used on lighter, less powerful devices like tablets, there's a good reason to maintain some quality control and put limits.

First, there's security. Microsoft isn't banning browser per se, it is limiting access to APIs that might be insecure and could be used for hacking the system. Seeing how infested Android devices are with malware, this is a very good decision from Microsoft and doesn't differ any from Android or iOS (which don't allow standard Windows programs at all).

Secondly, if Microsoft allowed this, then Mozilla would just recompile their browser for ARM. They would not consider the limitations of the devices nor would they make Firefox use less resources. Seeing how bloat Firefox already is, this is a good thing.

Just like Mozilla states, Microsoft does not restrict them from making a metro-compatible browser. As you may know, Metro apps need to be done explicitly Metro in mind. It has different APIs from standard Windows APIs and is much more secured. As Metro UI is the main UI used on devices like tablets, this is a good thing.

Submission + - How EA Helped a Transgender Transition Inside EA Sports (kotaku.com)

psox writes: Unlike in many Asian countries, transgenders in the western society aren't quite the same norm and socially accepted. Even while acceptance is getting better, you can only imagine how it is to change your gender in a sports division of a video game company. "But when EA Sports producer John Worrall became Kelly Worrall, she says that company went to great lengths to prepare colleagues and support her decision. EA and Worrall spent a year working to make sure that she'd have a safe and respectful workplace at the company's studio in Burnaby, British Columbia—where titles such as NHL, Fight Night and FIFA are made. But even though candid questions came up—like which bathroom Worrall would use — she says a presentation on her transition met with an amazing reaction. Worrall says that businesses that embrace transgendered people now will be able to claim they were on the right side of history.". EA may have been voted the Worst Company in America, but their support for gays, transgenders and tolerance outweigh many others in the industry.

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