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Journal Journal: Nintendo DS - Puzzle Quest

For Christmas I bought my wife a copy of Puzzle Quest for the DS. It's my DS, but I thought I would get her a game and see if I can get her into playing stuff with me.

Unfortunately...she doesn't like it. There's some good news though, I do!

The game is a very interesting twist on the normal puzzle game. It plays very much like Jewel Quest and similar games, but there's an RPG element to it as well. There's a world map that you travel on to collect quests, build onto your Citadel (to allow things like training mounts, capturing enemies and researching new spells), listen to rumors at the tavern and buy items and accessories at the shops.

You also get to pick your character class, either a Druid, a Knight, a Warrior or a Mage. I went with a Mage myself, and so far it's quite cool. I've got access to quite a few spells now, and they really add a new dimension to the puzzle battles that you play through when engaging opponents.

Overall, I would have to say that this game was well worth the $15 I got it for at Wal-Mart. I have a feeling that this will be my new lunch-time activity at work.

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