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Journal Journal: Word of the...Month?

Not sure if this is a new term:


It's the contraction of FUBAR'd. Its hilarious that they actually made a FUBAR entry in a professional dictionary, granted its a "jargon" entry, but I guess its better than saying "fudge" at the work place since vulgarity in the presence of women and children is against the law in some places (FYI).

Anyway, this saves you the time from uttering an extra syllable which you could better spend on other things.


Journal Journal: SCO: Troll, -1

Well, its been 90 days... Times up.
Moderation for SCO: Troll, -1.

"One of things that we will be looking to do is to identify a defendant that we believe will illustrate the nature of the problem," David Boies, managing partner of SCO's law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, said. "I don't want to try and identify that defendant on this call, for obvious reasons . . . but you will be seeing the identification of a significant user that has not paid license fees and is in fact using proprietary and copyrighted material."

For obvious reasons: maintaining their FUD-machine and trolling linux zealots.
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Journal Journal: One possible SPAM solution... 4

The inspiration:
Had an idea today after reading this personal account about hacking the computer of a spammer (rodona garst) and then posting naked pictures of her on the net. Certainly, she's no pron star, so why she would even keep naked pictures of herself on a networked computer is beyond me.

The concept:
Anyway, according to this FTC study and this E-Mail Harvesting FAQ, most email harvesting programs scour web sites for the text "mailto:" and "string@string" in the html code. (duh!) So why not use the same techniques the RIAA is using to dupe p2p file-swappers? In fact, we could also throw in the same techniques used by web pages in the mid-90s to rank higher on WWW search engines by making the text the same color (or off by 1-hex) as the background, although this is detectable.

The Plan
We need thousands of unrelated websites to post (at least) one page with a whole bunch of "mailto:string@string". You could even throw in some "content" using the malevole text generator and its indistinguishable from any other webpage!

The Effect:
If you haven't heard, false-positives have been nothing but trouble for facial recognition software, RIAA music copyright detection software, and even our own spam filtering software. So why don't we give the spam harvesting software the same problems?
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Journal Journal: Slashdot addiction. 2

Have you aver had one of those days where you actually have work to do but you just can't let go of slashdot? Once in a while I just phase into this ADHD-mode and continually click reload or click on any link on the page as if to exhaust any unread content. Some people would call this procrastination...

Anyway, while I was in one of these phases a while back, I tried to break the "trance" by going to google. I figured its minimalism would wake me up. Unfortunately, it didn't! But I did walk away with an interesting link: Quit Slashdot Today!". The page has some good points, but I think the author over-generalizes a little. Basically, he complains about the imperfections of editing, posting, and the community on slashdot and provides some alternatives. Although, I would contest that those alternatives probably have their own problems too.

Yes, slashdot makes mistakes. Yes, slashdot is filled with erudite wannabes, trolls, egotists, the narrow minded and the multi-faceted prodigies, kids trying to act like adults and adults acting like kids, and that random AC who spouts off nothing but stupid, offtopic, unhumorous crap. (dont be that guy!) But what BBS can claim to have an ideal system? What news source can claim that they are totally unbiased, and incorruptable? Most people already knew about this, but they stayed anyway because what the said author doesn't realize is that slashdot isn't about being "reliable". Its about being a community. Any forum targetted towards a certain demographic cannot possibly expect to recruit EVERYONE from that demographic, nor can it expect to be limited to it. Why? Because even geeks have "non-geek" friends. ;) And those friends have friends in other areas too. My point being that if you want more than 10 posts of input, and non-monotonous or redundant input for that matter, then you NEED a diverse crowd. And probability suggests that there will ALWAYS be that bad apple in there somewhere. But I would like to believe the system has matured enough to the point where the checks and balances finally work. Hell, we have enough people to "slashdot" a site. But I digress.

I went back to that site recently looking for some updates, and found this little treasure: the kook-bot. Its a perl script that automates responses to trolls. Hilarious stuff. And this is where I truly understand the guy's reasons for leaving /.. I mean, you know I'll have had enough here when trolls frustrate me to the point of writing software to "fix them". But sometimes I just can't get enough slashdot, even with the trolls.

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