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Journal Journal: my response to slashdot beta

If the beta becomes the new, permanent interface, and the "classic" view is completely done away with, I will simply delete my account. I urge others who dislike beta to do the same.

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Journal Journal: yet another poll submission 1

Favoite Slashdot Complaint:
  • Moderation System
  • Mispelings
  • Typographical Erorrs
  • their/there affect/effect who's/whose
  • Duplicate Articles
  • Duplicate Articles on the Front Page
  • Cowboy Neal/CmdrTaco/Hemos/Zonk
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Journal Journal: another silly poll submission

Of Handedness and Mice: What combination applies to you?
  • Right handed, mouse config'd for right hand
  • Right handed, mouse config'd for left hand
  • Left handed, mouse config'd for right hand
  • Left handed, mouse config'd for left hand
  • More than one of the above
  • I don't use a mouse
  • I don't have hands you insensitive clod!
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Journal Journal: ok, so I'm writing in this thing 2

I'm blatantly stealing a couple of other's ideas with this, but I'm going to start recording the story and poll submissions I make here. Starting with this:

Poll: Most Egregious Security Breach in Your Environment:

- Users are allowed to use the systems. And the e-mail. And the Internet.

  - Who needs a firewall? Or who needs a firewall that inhibits productivity!

  - What's this "AntiVirus software" you speak of, and why should I care if it's updated?

  - If this password is good enough to be the Vendor's default, then it's good enough for me!

  - Firmware updates? You can do that? On a router?

  - Cowboy Neal plugs all my security holes

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Journal Journal: So you came here looking for a journal?

So sorry to disappoint (if that is the case), but I don't keep one. I don't consider myself to be a writer in the sense steroetypically attributed to the ubiquitous average blogger. I don't have the need to emote via writing, to read my own words on a daily basis, to record the odd epiphany, or what have you.

I read Slashdot because I want to stay informed, and this is as good a source for that as any, and better than a lot of others available on the 'Net. Being a computer programmer and systems admin, I have an appreciation of the perspective from which information is presented here. I have, on occasion, submitted a story I thought relavent to the Slashdot community. I will occasionally post a comment because I think I have something to add to the discussion. That's all.

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