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Journal Journal: BOX revisited

Oct 2004 Start playing with 3-d hardware acceleration

Dec 2004 Unichrome driver finally works enabling 3D

May 2005 Update graphics to an FX5200 (still sucky but Doom3,UT2004,NWN,Privateer remake, all run)

July 2005 Change to kernel A few hassles with alsa but all resolved after a week

Aug 2005 System still running well. Got K3b working. One less use for Windows partition

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Journal Journal: Box part V

Busy week:
Finally upgraded Kde from version 3.0.4. I never did get version 3.1.4 from slack 9.1 to work. Went through the entire process of downloading the source files, updating QT to 3.3.3, had problems getting the system to find the new qt files during installation - symlinks were ok but there was an old reference in /etc/profile.d that was bunging the works.
Updated Firefox to 1.0PR - minor quibbles here - installer didn't work, had to download alternate tar.gz. Extensions are all OK, DownloadWith needed a kludge, but is now working fine.

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Journal Journal: box IV

Two more successes: Llxdoom runs perfectly and the
pen drive is now working (kernel recompile needed)

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Journal Journal: Box III

Eye Candy.
Trying to add a viz plugin to XMMS was a major pain. Ended up having to install two libraries before i got it to compile.
Bittorrent: Need to install a whole bunch of python shit before it'll (maybe) work. Later
Other Stuff:
Can't get Gaim to compile, complains about Glib version being less than 2.0, even though I have a newer version (2.4) than it asks for. I think I found a solution other than downloading the latest, seems I have to specify the path before ./configure, will try later.

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Journal Journal: BOX part II

Compiled the new kernel yesterday. Looked ok till I tried playing an MP3. Hosed my Alsa drivers! Dicked about trying to recompile them, needed to do a 'make clean' but eventually it all worked out.

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Journal Journal: State of the box Address

System appears stable;
Downloading 2.4.26 kernel is coming along nicely,
but dialup here in Para is still the pits. Thank goodness for Prozilla's resume feature.
Grabbed a few skins and viz plugins for XMMS.
Should look around for some 5.1 media files to check
the surround functionality.
Still haven't got a version of KDE newer than 3.0.1
working... 3.0.1 is stable unless I try watching a DVD in Mplayer gui mode.
Mplayer: need to find better way to watch DVD rips, would be nice if the DVD menus worked like they do in zoom player under Win.

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