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Journal Journal: no writing 2

i never write stuff here so i will write something...i am actively writing stuff over at, in Barcelona now with the same company and things seem to be moving along at least...which is always good...
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Journal Journal: in at eight

Finally it seems like I'm getting into the swing of things. Today my alarm went off at 7 and i didn't stay in bed for another hour. I snoozed for 15 minutes, got up, had a shower, breakfast and was at work about 8! This is good news and was excellent to be able to get out of bed again, after all this time...unemployment has a way of making staying in bed seem even more feasible than usual :)

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Journal Journal: first full day back after xmas

Had a good xmas with the usual eating and drinking to excess. Went to see the Cirque du Soleil yesterday. Its really amazing but at the same time disappointing considering how much you pay to watch it. If i ever go again, will get cheapo tickets cause it really isn't worth the extra. Got home cinema set up at home, the traditional way : a desktop connected up to a hifi amp and speakers. Seemed good until the pc started doing the old "beep beep". Not my pc and very strange. Shame.
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Journal Journal: dom parsing

ahhh dom parsing with it working and making some advances with the project so looks like it will be a relaxed xmas with no stress...great when things go like this...nothing worse than going into holiday time with things pending...:)

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Journal Journal: work...

why is it so hard to get down to some work? :/ i'm sitting at my desk and suddenly i think "just gonna sort this out" and i'm off on the to get back to work...just write this, have a tea, a fag and then back to work! maybe! damn...almost xmas. can't wait for my birthday...i'm so looking forward to my birthday mini trip...more on that later

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Journal Journal: space tourism??!!

the world's gone mad...again!

Space tourism is not impossible and look set to be more and more common...well, provided you have lots of cash that is...
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Journal Journal: lunch time piss up

work is slow at starting and just reading documentation, but nothing I couldn't have learnt/read about myself with a net connection...ah the beauty of java...

so looks like there's gonna be a lunch time piss up at work...they're laying on a xmas spread...probably be some talking too...:)

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Journal Journal: java

Starting to look at xerces and javainfo at work...ooooo this looks like its gonna hurt...should be good in the end though....:~ i hope!

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Journal Journal: working again....

so i started work today in valencia. finally, after about 12 months of unemployment!

but you know what? it feels just like normal work again...nothing new so far...strange.

well at least i've got a job! again! wohoo!

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Journal Journal: Back!

Back to slashdot after ages away.
I was actually amped by a friend who used to make fun of such nerdness and places of the mighty have fallen! ;)

I am curretly finishing off a java client/server chat and in the process of redesigning my site to be more of a obvious showcase for my photos and coding.

Well there you go...

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