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Submission + - CalTech astronomers predict that 1 in 10,000 stars is composed entirely of metal

porkchop_d_clown writes: A recently discovered aerodynamic phenomena of turbulence, called 'preferential concentration' causes heavier materials to be sorted out of more turbulent areas, increasing their concentration in eddies.

Now astronomers are theorizing that this effect could lead to the formation of stars with no hydrogen or helium in them.

See also: Some Stars are Totally Metal: A New Mechanism Driving Dust Across Star-Forming Clouds, and Consequences for Planets, Stars, and Galaxies.

Submission + - Blood of world's oldest woman hints at limits of life (newscientist.com) 1

porkchop_d_clown writes: When Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper died in 2005, she was the oldest woman in the world. Today New Scientist is reporting that, at the end of her life, most of her white blood cells had been produced by just two stem cells — implying the rest of her blood stem cells had already died, and hinting at a possible limit to the human life span.

Comment Re:Old ipod Shuffle cable... (Score 1) 663

The cost of replacement parts is a different issue. Most of the cost for spare parts comes from the company having to sit on a huge pile of them for years taking up space in their inventory. Compare the cost of your car when it was new with the cost of all the replacement parts you would need to build a replica of it.

Comment Okay, stupid question. (Score 1) 280

I asked this on reddit, and got no answer. All this hoopla is based on an anonymous blog. I've googled around and I can't find anyone reporting this story who isn't just pasting details from the blog. No one knows the guys name. No one knows the court docket #, the date the case was heard or even what court heard the case. Do we have any evidence that this incident actually occurred?

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