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Journal Journal: Why Americans Could not Win in a Revolution 1

First of all, when you take out all of the people that are children, unable to fight or too scared to fight you MIGHT have 100 million people.

This website [] clearly shows that the American military probably killed (cause the government doesn't count) 40000 Iraq troops while losing only 482 American troops. That is a one hundred to one ratio. And our troops weren't killing some guys with hunting guns or low end assault rifles like what would happen in a modern American revolution. These Iraq soldiers were highly trained paid professionals. If they would have fought in the manor that Americans would have to in order to fight the government, it easily would have been a 200 to one ratio. With that ratio 500000 soldiers could kill 100000000 people. But that assumes that the government would fight a modern civil war with ground troops. Instead they would probably send tomahawks and bombs from the sky (stuff that you can't defend yourself from with anything at the gun store).

When our forefathers fought their war of independence, they had nearly the same equipment (technologically speaking) as the British they were fighting. Now the populace is so far behind. The military would win. That's why we must act now from keeping things from becoming another civil war.

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