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Journal Journal: Oregon University Gun Ban

According to this article, Jeffrey Maxwell was arrested and cited for "possessing a firearm in a public building." The DA recognized that he had not broken any law and did not charge him, but the school suspended him. In order to re-enroll he is required, among other things, to

write a minimum 10-page paper on following the law, accepting responsibility for his actions and "recognizing the impact possession of weapons on college campuses has on others."

The article does not mention false arrest charges, though one would think that the 10-page paper might.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Polywell Nuclear Fusion Ion Injector

Am I crazy? I thought I saw an item about the Navy purchasing research from the EMC2 Corporation on an Ion Injector for an electrostatic-inertial plasma containment system for a Polywell Fusion reactor. Now I can't find mention of that item. Did I hallucinate it? If you can help me find it or tell me it never existed, I'd be grateful. Pitterpatter

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