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Comment Re:Won't save most of the 4000 lives (Score 1) 615

Let's say a truck is driving at 60 MPH (88 feet per second) when somebody jumps in front of it, 88 feet away.

If the speed limit on this road is 60 MPH, it most likely means that it is clear of stores, schools, etc., IOW this is not a standard city street. Braking is not the only option here, especially with a self driving truck. The truck could be programmed to safely sacrifice itself (running off the road into a field, river, etc.) to protect the humans around it.

It remains to be seen if this type of behavior from the automation will be mandated.

Comment No bias here. (Score 1) 103

In a series of party line votes, the House Science Committee has approved a number of changes to the laws that govern the private commercial space industry. Almost all of the changes were advocated by the [government], so in general they move to [improve] the regulatory and liability [common sense] that has been [enabling] the industry since the 2004 revisions to space law. While it is very unlikely commercial space can ever get [more] of [awesome] federal regulation, these changes indicate that they can eventually get some of the [most awesomest] regulations [strengthened].

I also, can write a really [unbiased] summary.

Fucking dot slash.

Comment Re:So when will this actually happen? (Score 3, Insightful) 372

Nothing resolved itself. People took action, and you fucking idiot don't even bother to figure out that someone else saved your sorry ass.

Just like Y2K, It's the same shit over and over again: society expends resources to head off disaster, because of said expenditures disaster is averted, fucking morons baffled because disaster that everyone was talking about didn't happen.

Fucking morons believe disaster scenario was made up to expend resources.


Comment Re:Makerspace.... (Score 1) 167

It's been called a WORKSHOP or some close equivalent in various languages for something like 2000 years now! Why the heck do we need to make up a stupid name for it?

We need to save something for the riff-raff. I vote we start calling them "3D Print-shops".

3D Print-shop: like silk-screening T-shirts, only in 3D!

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