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Submission + - Pierre Deligne wins the Abel prize in mathematics

physlord writes: "The Abel prize in mathematics for 2013 has been awarded to Pierre Deligne for his work on algebraic geometry which has been applied to number theory and representation theory. This is research that is at the heart of some of the most exciting mathematics of our time with deep implications that could extend out from pure mathematics to physics.

Tim Growers, in his blog, provides a handful of links for the aficionados and general public explaining the subject that earned Deligne the prize."

Submission + - Functional eyes grown at the tails of tadpoles (

physlord writes: "There’s a great deal of wow to unpack here, so let’s take it piece by piece. Using embryos from the African clawed frog (Xenopus), scientists at Tufts’ Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology were able to transplant eye primordia—basically, the little nubs of flesh that will eventually grow into an eye—from one tadpole’s head to another’s posterior, flank, or tail.

Amazingly, a statistically significant portion of the transplanted one-eyes could not only detect LED changes, but they showed learning behavior when confronted with electric shock. [...]"

Comment Re:Piracy (Score 1) 314

Come on. Don't be naive. Of course they know what they service might and will be used for, and somehow they are encouraging it by making a harder-to-track and safe file-sharing service (yes, I know, per se, is not a file-sharing service), also they covering their backs in the process.

In that line of easy analogies: If you sell radioactive materials to terrorists, and they use it to build a bomb an blow an entire building and kill a lot of people. Would you say you shouldn't share any part of the guilt?. You sold a material that could be used for good or bad. Even though you knew they were prone to "bad behavior".

Comment Redundat but, what a great idea! (Score 1) 162

I posted about this a couple of days ago, also wrote something at my blog. As a math grad student in a third-world country these are really great news.

Open access is the fair deal for mathematicians. I mean, why should I give away my work, and then have to pay a stratospheric amount of money to share it? Why my work has to be worth reading only if I give it away to one of this peer-review thefts?. Why keep this model of publishing that every scientist hates but no-one had, before this, the courage neither the will to do something about it?.

I'm not sure if this attempt will be successful, but definitely is worth trying.


Submission + - "Superomniphobic" nanoscale coating repels almost any liquid ( 1

cylonlover writes: A team of engineering researchers at the University of Michigan has developed a nanoscale coating that causes almost all liquids to bounce off surfaces treated with it. Creating a surface structure that is least 95 percent air, the new "superomniphobic" coating is claimed to repel the broadest range of liquids of any material in its class, opening up the possibility of super stain-resistant clothing, drag-reducing waterproof paints for ship hulls, breathable garments that provide protection from harmful chemicals, and touchscreens resistant to fingerprint smudges.

Submission + - Another experiment in open access publishing: an arXiv review board

physlord writes: "There is another initiative to open access publishing in mathematics. Sir Timothy Gowers published at his google plus account: '[a] new initiative — a platform that is due to come online in April — that will, if successful, make it easy to set up arXiv overlay journals. I think it stands out from other, similar-sounding initiatives because it seems to have serious institutional back-up and funding and is intended specifically for mathematicians'. Also, there is a post in his blog explaining why he has also joined the good guys

Terence Tao showed it's support to the project in his a post on google plus: 'Like Tim, I am on the scientific committee for this project, and will likely end up as an editor for one or more of its journals when it launches in April'.

So, good news everyone!. Seems a really serious initiative and the commitment of two well known mathematicians certainly adds some extra credibility to the project."

Submission + - Chaos, a mathematical adventure (

physlord writes: How do we passed from a deterministic point of view to a probabilistic one?. How do we study models of millions of particles?. How nature is modeled by mathematicians?. What is a dynamical system?. What does the study of Chaos really is?. What "the butterfly effect" is?

This and several other questions are answered in a series of videos intended for everyone but with a taste of math.

These videos were produced by the same guys who brought to life the entertaining "Dimensions": Jos Leys, Étienne Ghys and Aurélien Alvarez . More at this link.

Comment It's not going to happen (Score 3, Funny) 85

I don't think that is the last word on the subject. Yahoo seems to be too little worried about this.

An off topic comment:
As a Mexican it's funny to read slashdoters opinions about my country. If you come here you would be surprised that there are a bunch of us with high speed internet, cars, smartphones, etc. We are not involved in shootings every day around each corner and we don't speak the same Spanish than the "mexican-americans", actually our culture is quite different. Believing in what the TV says about a country and establish prejudices based on that is simply wrong. Based on what I have seen about US citizens on the news I would assume they like to drink a lot and show their parts to strangers, they start shooting people randomly at schools, theaters or workplaces, most of them are ignorant. Do you know what makes the US different from yogurt? If you leave them both 300 years unattended, the yogurt will grow a culture.
You see?, prejudices are wrong.

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