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Journal Journal: Sorry to Rant Excessively....

I tried to post a public reply to the gentle rebuke ( by slashdot standards ! )

However I found that I had used up my quota of 10 posts, sounds like a good rule I must admit.

Basically I had been "viewing with alarm" the North-Korea situation. My teenage years were obsessed with Vietnam. I think that a good overview of the issues can still be found in Heinlein's "Tunnel in the sky". Population-pressure from 3rd-world-countries with nuclear weapons, what to do ? My answer - speculate on what an algorithmically-non-3rd-world-country might look like. My answer - a "council of non-rubber-stamp churches", explored further in the glossary at

The system keeps putting spaces into my URL's, even though I submit as plain-text. I notice that this has already been posted to the feature-requests, good deal.

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