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Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 0) 491


The Federal Government can simply say its not a duty entrusted to them. ITS A STATES ISSUES.

And really, do you think the people that are currently running the country can fix anything? If your hopes are on the ass-tards in power know to keep you safe and healthy you are an idiot. The TSA? Two wars against what are basically flash mobs, not standing Armies. How well is the solution to the Korean war going?


Comment Re:Last bastion (Score -1) 963


"While there is uncertainty in the measurements--"

As soon as I read that I stopped. That article is pure hogwash after that point. THEY ADMIT TO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH, NOR HOW TO EVEN MEASURE THE AMOUNT OF CO2 FROM VOLCANIC EMISSIONS!

Yet they spend another 6 paragraphs telling me that its less than humans.


Comment Re:Prices are what the market will bear (Score 0) 259

Your economics are 180 out. The strong AU dollar should buy you MORE American product, not less.

Unless (like Zimbabwe) there is a $1 Trillion dollar note that's good for a loaf of bread?

Setting an artificially high (or simply made up) value on a product is not what 'what the market can bear' but more like a monopoly abusing its power.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Looking Back At Far Cry 2 138

Gamasutra has an interview with Ubisoft's Patrick Redding about the development of Far Cry 2. He explains his team's reasoning behind some of the decisions they made while trying to innovate in the very well-established first-person shooter genre. Ubisoft is also trying to crowdsource a guide for the game. "We don't want to be necessarily spoon-feed everything to people, because that gets insulting. It's also tiresome if you're constantly interrupting them to remind them things about that system. I like to learn things through trial and error, and I know a lot of players are like that. But accessibility isn't just about it being easy to pick up the controls. It's also making sure that you're supporting a certain kind of readability, giving the player a certain kind of feedback. Maybe the way to put it is that it might be less a function of the kind of low-level mechanics of the game at the control level, and more about how you're using the output of the game as good feedback for the player, so they at least are clear on the causal link between what they're doing and what's happening."

Comment Re:I'm sick of this Linux attitude (Score 0) 1654

Other than the toilet, knowing how to operate these items is all you are expected to do as none of the repair parts would be readily available for repair.

For some reason you can get parts for the toilet.. because fixing them can be a somewhat shitty job.

Knowing how to run the 'network connection wizard' or whatever ubuntu calls it is nothing more technical than knowing how to adjust the power level or set the clock on a microwave.

Comment Re:I'm sick of this Linux attitude (Score 0) 1654

The problem is that she's trying to get into a TECHNICAL field, at a TECHNICAL collage. At *SOME* point shes gonna have to figure it out.

So far her career path looks like a short stint at a help desk then unemployment.

As some of us started out direct dialing into BBS's. And who could forget Genie? Good times.

Comment She is the RESULT of 12+ yrs of public schools? (Score 0) 1654

Holy smokes! I mean you are exposed to PCs (and Google, your new bff) in High School.. most kids even earlier. Yet this person drops out of a TECHNICAL SCHOOL because she can't resolve either a simple network configuration or a consumer complaint?

Wow..... I hope she's good in bed because all her other job prospects are looking very dim.

Comment Re:Very Very Dangerous Ground We Tread Upon (Score 0) 352

No.. let the Military FIGHT.

All to often politicians say what can and cannot be targeted. Almost all of the video of air to ground strikes have way to much chatter Ie Gunner 'can we smoke them?' reply: 'Do they have a gun?' gunner 'affirmative' and in the background you hear 4 relays to higher ups.

Put a few 30mm shells on them and let god/allah figure it out. In WWII they actually sent guys out to strafe whatever they found... trains/cars/convoys. Imagine that... killing the enemy.

Comment Re:feh (Score 0) 226

The Government uses taxes for behavior modification as much as for revenue. Unless you can clearly realize the taxes are nothing more than legalized extortion (give us your money or we'll take your house) for dubious public good. Where does the Constitution of any State guarantee the RIGHT to low cost public transportation, health care or schools?

Comment Ask the US Navy how to do it. (Score 0, Flamebait) 611

I was on boomers for 4 years. We were completely 'closed loop' for weeks on end. We didn't get sick, contaminated or lose power. I had nuclear powered AC and man was it cold. If you want to build the power infrastructure, first, get rid of the politicians and the eco-wackjobs. Then let the smart people get to work. Without politicians looking for handouts and eco-wackjobs inciting fear over non-issues, things will get done.

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