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Comment ROM or EEPROM/flash? (Score 1) 227

I wasn't sure at first if they were setting the data by doping the material, but on closer reading
"The engineers manipulated the nanomaterial so the electrons' spin within the material could be controlled, ..."
makes it sound electrically re-writeable. Which is probably the only thing anyone's really interested in,
unless it was super-cheap. (i.e. cheap enough to replace pressed optical discs with ROM USB-storage.)

As bobjr94 hopes, it would be nice if it is that cheap, though, and optical discs are replaced by a standard flash storage standard.


Deadline Scheduling Proposed For the Linux Kernel 113

c1oud writes "At the last Real-Time Linux Workshop, held in September in Dresden, there was a lot of discussion about the possibility of enhancing real-time capabilities of Linux by adding a new scheduling class to the Linux kernel. According to most kernel developers, this new scheduling class should be based on the Earliest Deadline First (EDF) real-time algorithm. The first draft of the scheduling class was called 'SCHED_EDF,' and it was proposed and discussed on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) just before the workshop. Recently, a second version of the scheduling class (called 'SCHED_DEADLINE,' to meet the request of some kernel developers) was proposed. Moreover, the code has been moved to a public git repository on Gitorius. The implementation is part of a FP7 European project called ACTORS, and financially supported by the European commission. More details are available."

Comment Re:the god-awful truth (Score 2, Informative) 232

FYI, GNU find has xargs built in these days:

find -name '*.php*' -exec grep func {} +

the + instead of ';' makes it collect up multiple arguments to grep
like xargs instead of the traditional find -exec behaviour which is like xargs -n1. I use -exec {} + all the time, because it's less typing, and safe with
filenames with punctuation or whitespace, so you don't have to type -print0 | xargs -0 either. (BTW, if you have a list of filenames that you processes with something line oriented, you can use xargs -d'\n')

Comment Re:Summary is wrong. (Score 1) 859

> No loads in real life are linear

except electric heaters, stoves, and incandescent lights. They're all just resistors that get hot. Power factor = 1.0.

> then 50% of the power you're using isn't being measured by the power company's basic meters.

  The "extra" power (Apparent power (Volts * Amps) - real power (actual Watts accounting for phase) is only wasted by the inefficiency of your transmission lines.

  Other people have already explained this in detail in this thread.

  Other than that, good try at explaining this for people who don't already know.

Comment Re:What are you trying to do? (Score 1) 904

> Mount users' home directories noexec, don't give users root access.

  noexec doesn't stop you from running /lib/ on an ELF binary, or /bin/bash on a shell script. Or whatever interpreter you want, if it's installed.

  Most people who know how to do that also know enough to avoid breaking things. But they might not have the self-discipline to stop playing games. Other than that, yeah, use firewalls and network policy.

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