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Journal Journal: puddletown reference

.Mac or sending problems:

Picasa photo album program:,1759,1752155,00.asp

Mac laptop battery revival:

antivir (free antivirus for Windows):

hosts file for Mac:

sync FireFox bookmarks with .Mac or WebDAV:

AOL address export:

Linspire review:

User Journal

Journal Journal: work app log 1

Hollywood Video - Support Technician
Apple Computer - Mac Genius
Lazerquick - Prepress Operator
Northwest Staffing - Help Desk
Pitney-Bowes - Field Product Specialist
First Tech Credit Union - IT Project Manager
Standard Insurance - Dental Benefits Examiner
unknown - IS Support and Management Expert - Mac Content Editor

3/1 nike training
mac force
vision cue (support for blind/craigslist)


Journal Journal: My reading journal 10

I'm going to keep a record of everything I read. I expect this will also end up including movies, tv shows, new music.

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