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Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 2, Insightful) 454

Mail voting is incredibly weak and incredibly stupid.
There is no way to verify that the person voting is the correct person and he is not forced in any way.
Your paper trail is completly useless if you cannot prove it has a proper origin.

Voting in secrecy in a nice voting booth using a simple straightforward ballot is a beautifull system. It is simple enough that you can not only explain it to a ten year old, the ten year old can actually go see for him self and verify proper procedures are followed.
Yet again and again people try to fuck it up with mail or electronic voting schemes.

Comment Re:I want my division by zero errors to be errors (Score 1) 1067

No, just NO.

Getting inf or -inf out of floating point actually makes sense: It is not just exactly zero but a whole range of very small numbers which give similar results and are treated as 'limits as x approaches 0'.

Integer numbers and arithmetic are exact and although INT_MAX might be large these days it is still not anywhere near infinity and just does not make any sense at all.
And having signed and unsigned behave differently also does not make any sense at all.
Your compile time option might as well be named '-foutput-random-instructions'

Comment Re:Gamechanger (Score 1) 514

I don't know how many panels you need, but your price sounds ridiculous.
I spend less then a tenth of that and have enough panels for about 2/3 of my electriciy consumption. They are also well on their way to pay for themselves in about 6 years. (currently in year 2).

Comment Re:Back end (Score 1) 78

Unless your build environment is really broken (or you have a seriously a-typicall code base) compile time should not matter nearly as much as the resulting code. Don't forget that the resulting code has a big impact on the test phase of your cycle.

Normally during the edit phase you only touch part of a codebase, and proper dependency tracking should result in only a small part of it being rebuild and linked.
Proper dependency handling is not a job of the compiler.
LInking is also not the job of the compiler. (And untill lld is mature enough llvm and gcc use the same one anyway, and even then it still has to prove itself)

Comment Re:How about basic security? (Score 3, Informative) 390

Filtering out nmap to places you don't want it to go is EXACTLY what a firewall is for.
And your IPX comparison is also flawed. You don't need to use your MAC address, that is just one way of generating an IPv6 address. And being able to address a packet to any node on the internet directly is exactly how the internet was suposed to work. (Note that a firewall may still prevent such packet from ariving unwanted).

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