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Journal Journal: Rejection sucks

So I noticed the other day that a new link quietly appeared in the upper right hand corner of google.com - "Personalized Home"

Within minutes I was happy with my personalized and customized new "home page" on google.com

The experience was so much nicer than customizing yahoo.com that I wrote an article here on Slashdot about it - mostly I just wanted to let others know about it.

I'm not sure why the article was rejected, but it was... so I guess google's new personalization stuff will just have to succeed or fail on its own merits without the benefits of being slashdotted. Oh, well. :-)

Thanks, Sergey... you guys kick ass.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Me & my websites (how else to start a journal?)


I'm Paul...
http://reiber.org is my personal site;
It currently uses a combination of
TWiki and tiddlywiki to confuse everyone.

http://opencountry.com is where I work,
busily simplifying the heck out of linux.

I'm sure I'll think of more insightful
things to write next time; just wanted
to get the ball rolling.


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