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Journal Journal: Ok back to adding jornal entries...

Ok I haven't writen an entry in a long time so I'm going to keep this one short just just wet my tows.

Update on my curent systems. I've switched over to Mostly using debian. It totaly rocks. I'm going to have a detailed post dealing with this later. Pluss an update on all of the projects that I'm working on.

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Journal Journal: Learning Python and stuff

List of things that I'm up to:

Using Red hat 9 (ah why not) With Ximian 2

Learning Python

Not Going to BC(Damit I realy wanted to go)

Looking for a small job here in montreal (I'm not going to bc so I have to find work here)

That's it.

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Journal Journal: I just switched my key boards to Dvorak

I've thought it over for a long time and I've finaly decided to make the switch. As it is I am not typing any faster at the moment but I have noteced that I am moving my fingers a whole lot less than before. Most of the strokes that I am making are taking place in the midle row.

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Journal Journal: Omni Remote

I've been looking into Palm Pilot remote control software for that past few days. I have fond that since omni remote was designed there have been a few other remotes produed for that palm. I'm going to nead to add all the remotes that are avalabe to my site.

On top of that I'm finaly almost ready to start uploading remotes.

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Journal Journal: Oak Island info

I just copied this information out of the Canadian Encyclopedia. I have to write a 2500 essay on Oak Island for monday at 12:00.

Oak Island, one of over 300 island in MAHONE BA on Nova Scotio`s Atlantic coast, is about 1.6 km lonk and 0.8km wide. It is reputed by legend to be the site of buried treadure, the loot being attributed to varios pirates, including William Kidd, Henry Morgan and Blackbeard, as well as to Inca refugees fleeing from Spanish conquistadores in S America. In 1795, 3 [young]Men discovered a depression in the ground near a huge oak tree and evidence that a block and tacke had been used there. Their diging revealed a filled in shaft with platforms of decayed oak logs at 3m levels. They quit digging after 9m, but in 1804 another group reached the 30m level before the shaft filled up with salt water.Subsequent digs uncovered tunnels conecting the "money pit" with the ocean. A dam buit to solve the problem was destroyed in a storm. Vast sums of money have since been spent in excavations that have cratered the island, and three treasur hunters died in an accident in 1965. Though no treasure has yet been found, a submarine TV camera, lowered into a cavity 60m below the surface in 1971, produced faint images of three chests, a pick and a dismembered hand.

Edward Butts, Canadian Encyclopedia, (c) 1985 Hutig Publishers Ltd.


Journal Journal: I just came up with a way to write fast on my palm

By placing the 10 most comon 3 or more leter words in my palms ShortCuts I think that I'l be able to write considarably faster. For any one who is interesested here is my list:


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Journal Journal: Himmm,

I'v never used this before. It looks like I can us slashdot as a blog

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