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Comment Yet more Crap (Score 1) 1051

'Linus might have good taste in patches, but he has horrible taste in human interaction' I have worse, and when it comes to absolutely useless slashdoters let me be equally direct, to my knowledge you have never done anything important, Tovolds scores 4, he designed and wrote GIT, and handed it off and built a community round it in 7 weeks, he started and built up the LK.

little girlie please take your sensitive damp nickers somewhere else, and practice the anotomical art of self impregnation.

MFG, omb

Comment David Neil Cutler, Sr. (Score 1) 1051

That would be David Neil Cutler, Sr., VMS at Dec, then WNT at M$ both worst of all designs, ie the u-kernel, COMPOUNDED by Gates desire to subordinate everythin, eg reliability, security and good taste to vendor lock in.

With the rise of mobile and BYOD they will finally get what they gave deserved for 30 years,

MFG, omb

Comment Nonsense (Score -1, Flamebait) 93

Amazonian soils are poor. The wealth is in the trees and the plants and animals that live there, NO most soil is good and regrowth after a natural eg Lightening fire is rapid. It is exactly the opposite of what you say, I have to have a 10m strip plowed each other year to keep to keep foretst out and my plants in outside Manaus.

It is essential to burn out brush in any forest management scheme as you should know due to the un-controled fires you now have in California and Collerado now you no longer do regular controled burns.

If you Greenie bums got out of the metrosexual city centres of both Left coasts ans learned about land management thing would be a lot better, lear or STFU

MFG, omb

Comment End This Game (Score 1) 395

This is one of the most useless, wasteful, resource consuming examples of mis-use of the market system known to man! It needs not only regulation, but to be prevented entirely. Unlike other ploys in the market, eg naked -v- covered shorts, HFT brings nothing but the ever greater possibility that the market will implode due to computer error, though it took 45 minutes for the 600M loss earlier this year.

All market instructions should have a MANDATORY, short, say 5 second validity. This would take the profit of the HFT war, mean that non-institutional entities couls trade and, contrary to the nonsense that will be posted in reply, harm not at all liquidity or pricing accuracy. What they would do is clip singularities, which would also mitigate rash technical trading.

We all stand to loose from this and only hedge funds and investment banks will be constrained. Any hold time, even 1 second will de-motivate this wasteful competition.

MFG, omb

Comment Re:The end of Apple? (Score 1) 452

Why does everything to do with Apple scramble peoples brains? They had a good solution but didn't own it, They came up with crap and didn't test it effectively! These are all the signs of MBA asshatery.

Unless management gets a grip quick this will take the sheen of the Apple and iXXX in weeks and will be left with an over-priced but worse [UN-KEWL, DERIDED] brand that will spoil their whole day.

MFG, omb

Comment Re:Why indulge? (Score 0) 449

The US is crazy, arrogant and ill-advised. Thailand belongs to the Thais who are lovely hardworking honest people. Leave them the HELL alone.

Only idiots is a country that is USD 15T in debt and has produced GWB and BHO could be that stupid.

If they want to permit sex differently from you ... MindYourOwnBusness, or better yet try telling the Saudi(s) how to.

Comment Too Old, not Yet Wise (Score 1) 370

These long term treason-ists who have presided over America's decline should all be facing long Jail time or a firing squad, Lieberman at the head of the list.

These people have had decades in the Congress to protect and defend America but with their Liberal BS they did nothing, and they now want people to self censor.

What about the first amendment do these idiots not understand, with the Internet they are afraid, deathly afraid that dissenters will be heard, and they will. We are in the middle of the Internet Reformation, just as when in 1450 Guttenberg started mass printing the Bible, and the authority of the Catholic heirarchy crumbled.

The problem is that the Progressive Left is Pure of Heart, but as thick as two short planks and as the Tea Party wises up more and more ordinary citizens that they are regularly lied to, and stolen from by their own government terrorism will be the last thing they need to worry about. They just need to be attached to a tree or lamp post, with the hemp rope they despise; but In case of Emergency, steel cable or piano wire works too.

MFG, omb

Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens - Friedrich Schiller

Comment BBC Bias (Score 0) 324

In recent years the BBC has fallen far from the Gold Standard, they are now corrupted Green/Crony-Capitalist liers such as you have so many in the US LSM.

On Nuclear/Shale/Climate you can't believe a word they say, and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland the useful-idiots are rapidly backing away from their, post japan, nuclear funk as they discover it is a huge vote looser.

The greens lost hugely for this in Germany.

Shale Oil/Gas, deep water drilling and Salt-Thorium Nuclear is the way to go and will hold Peak-Oil, which like Climate Change, is being rapidly discredited, say for 200-500 years, and if we take back control of Scientific Research funding from our governments and Crony-Capitalis-Lobbyists may get us (a) Fusion, (b) a cure for Cancer, and (c) progress to managing viral disease. If we don't we will be subsistance farmers living in caves again.

We need to get rid of the Lefty, Progressive Markzists and their dumb ideas and get back real scientists and engineers who can design and build. We also need to hold the midia accountable for lying, but I guess the Internet is doing that.

MFG, omb

Comment M$ nonsense (Score 1) 471

The story content was "XP wont die in the Enterprise", no it wont, and is you are in the Enterprise, you or your vendor can do a spin for your hardware ... no fuss.

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