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Journal Journal: I feel so misquoted...

Just for the record, I wanted to let it be know that the article summary I submitted yesterday was not posted exactly as I had written it. One of the key topics of discussion that resulted from the post was the suggestion that the summary was guilty of the very flaw it was intended to point out. The final sentence of the summary which prompted this debate had been added by the editors, and read as follows:

This is especially troubling during what some are calling the warmest US winter in years."

While the editors raised an interesting related piece of information, it was not my original intent try and guide discussion in that direction. My biggest concern, aside from not being quoted 100% accurately, is that this may have distracted people from reading the source article. Then again this is Slashdot, so the chances of most people going beyond the summary are slim to begin with.

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Journal Journal: A little bit about me...

So I have been wondering quietly in the back of my mind what exactly to post here in my journal, and then it hit me. What better way to start off my /. journal than with an excerpt from an email I sent earlier today.

So before I leave I would like to reflect on my lack of sleep, and how it has made me into a sort of walking corpse. A zombie you might say. In a business suit (a damn sexy business suit too). A sort of day walking corporate zombie. The kind who doesn't really eat your brains, but rather stands there and talks on, and on, and on, and on about things that are rather unimportant and meaningless to you. Yeah, that's the kind of zombie I have become. That and sexy, yeah, a sexy zombie. God help me and my zombie soul.
PS do zombies even have souls? what about sexy corporate zombies?

So there's that...

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