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Comment Re:What, a worm on a platform with no market share (Score 1) 135

I think it's also important to note that the security of Mac OS X extends to the iPhone as well; hackers are apparently unable to successfully compromise the much larger installed base of iPhones, having to content themselves with the much smaller population that has been jailbroken (read, "security compromised").

Obviously you do not remember how the early firmwares were jailbroken.
All you had to do was visit a website.

Except, everyone loves it when there's a new exploit discovered for the iPhone, and pretends not to recognize how that could easily have been used to spread a malicious worm instead.

Comment Re:Feng Shui (Score 1) 272

From wikipedia:

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, feng shui has been officially deemed as a "feudalistic superstitious practice" and a "social evil" according to the state's atheistic Communist ideology and discouraged or even outright banned at times [39][40]. Persecution was the most severe during the Cultural Revolution, when feng shui was classified as a custom under the so-called Four Olds to be wiped out. Feng shui practitioners were beaten and abused by Red Guards and their works burned. After the death of Mao Zedong and the end of the Cultural Revolution, the official attitude became more tolerant but restrictions on feng shui practice are still in place in today's China. It is illegal in the PRC today to register feng shui consultation as a business and similarly advertising feng shui practice is banned, and there have been frequent crackdowns on feng shui practitioners on the grounds of "promoting feudalistic superstitions" such as one in Qingdao in early 2006 when the city's business and industrial administration office shut down an art gallery converted into a feng shui practice [41]. Communist officials who had consulted feng shui were sacked and expelled from the Communist Party [42].
So it does indeed seem to be banned to some extent.

In any case, I don't see anything in the comment that makes fun of the fengshui culture. It's the actions of the Chinese that is being mocked. If he is in fact Taiwanese, I'd be inclined to believe it's just a misunderstanding caused by the language barrier.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPod Touch screen problems - defect or design? 2

The Blue Meanie writes: As reported by a friend of mine, and confirmed with a thread or two elsewhere, people are noticing that a number of the new iPod Touch screens are producing really BAD video, especially in darker areas. Is this just a case of Apple picking a lousy screen for this model, or is this a manufacturing defect? They obviously didn't use the screen from the iPhone — are Touch users destined to suffer with sub-par video?

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