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Comment Not surprised (Score 1) 346

I'm not surprised... I was in China in the summer of 2001, and one of the things I vividly remember was riding the train from Beijing to Shanghai, and looking out the window at a factory with smokestacks belching bubblegum-pink smoke into the sky. That cannot be healthy, or likely legal, but in general in China rules and regulations are one thing on paper, and another thing in practice.


Submission + - Google Video Race Against Time Goes Distributed ( 3

Bottles writes: Following Google's announcement to shut down Google Video (previously reported on Slashdot), the Archive Team has inspired a group of volunteers to join together to preserve as much of the content as possible: some 2.5 — 2.8 million videos. In a few short days the effort has evolved from a simple wiki suggesting people band together to download automatically generated lists of video ID's via a crude automated script to a centralised, distributed batch management system which assigns unique video ID's to volunteers' machines for download. The system, developed by Alex Buie in less than 48 hours, is now the recommended way to preserve the content and to avoid duplicate downloads. Watch videos roll in live here thanks to PubNub and read on to find out how you can help.

The clock is ticking to download as much as possible by the 29th of April — before Google throws the switch. Thereafter, Archive.Org has assigned a 140TB buffer for uploads into its 1 petabyte of storage space to house the preserved content. After the cutoff, downloaders can offload their content at their leisure.

The team from around the world, spearheaded and coordinated by Jason Scott, has been working solidly and altruistically. No selection criteria have been applied to the content; the idea is to preserve everything, if possible; however various team members have been working on collating word lists for searches: by concept, year, country etc. In this way they have a growing master list of some 2449000 unique video ID's to be processed of which around 15% are already saved.

You can help out. Please visit the wiki and the #googlegrape irc channel on EFNET, download the scripts and donate a little bandwidth and storage to preserve as much as possible before the cutoff date. There is less than a week left.

Comment Wider target audience (Score 2, Insightful) 189

Attacking Adobe Reader means that people who use Firefox are also at risk. For a long while, the popular security paradigm on Windows was that if you used IE you were at risk, but if you kept up with Windows Update and used only Firefox to browse the web you were pretty much safe from the majority of the exploits in the wild. Now that malicious PDFs are out there in force, users of Firefox are vulnerable once again.

Comment Gmail too (Score 1) 135

I'm not too sure that gmail isn't a target... A couple weeks ago, my friend's Gmail account got hacked and the spammers sent the following message out to all his contacts:

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Best wishes !

Comment Re:URL Shortners Are Bad (Score 5, Informative) 145

The original use of URL shortening services was to prevent link breakage in e-mail and nntp clients that linebreak after 80 characters. They still work great for this. works a lot better in e-mail than,+dc&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=49.624204,58.359375&ie=UTF8&ll=38.898732,-77.038515&spn=0.012007,0.014248&z=16 . I've also heard shortened links used to good effect on internet radio, where it's easier to direct listeners to a tinyurl than a long forum URL, when there's discussion about a certain thread.

Comment WGA forum (Score 5, Insightful) 311

I'm betting that a good amount of the information used in this case came from posters on the WGA forum, where people can post if they're having issues with WGA. One of the tools available in that forum is a WGA diagnostic tool which will generate a sanitized text dump of a user's windows validation information. Most cases on that forum are people whose brother, cousin, or sketchy PC shop installed a common warez release of Windows on their systems, but several there are people who bought apparently legitimate software from resellers which failed validation and later turned out to be counterfeit. Microsoft got in touch with these users, identified the resellers, and I'm betting that this news story is the result.


Submission + - Sony BMG Coughs Up $1.5 Million+ For Rootkit CDs

junger writes: "Sony BMG has coughed up another $1.5 million to litigation in Texas and California after the rootkit fiasco of late last year, and has agreed to improve its disclosure practices and not distribute any more CDs with hidden copy-protection schemes. This isn't the first time they've settled a rootkit case, and they actually settled the California lawsuit the same day it was filed."

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