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Journal Journal: Karma: Positive


I wonder how I did it?

I got to moderate for the first time ever last week, maybe your Karma goes up after you've been metamoderated? Who knows.. I don't.


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Journal Journal: Karma: Neutral?!?!

Wow! I guess instead of bitching I should of just gotten out there and posted a bit more. The system works!!! Well more or less ;)

Now to try and get it to go up.. the sky is the limit!!!

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Journal Journal: Bad Karma

You know I've been surfing slashdot for a long time... sure I don't have the lowest UID out there but still. So a few years ago I made a few uninformed comments, namely I got burned about calling Mozilla a he instead of a she. Ok, I think I learned my lesson about posting a little smarter. Do I really deserve to continue to dwell at the bottom of the posting pit? I don't comment that often, but I'm sure someone, someday will mod something up.. maybe. I've never been a troll, and I always try to only post when I think I can add something to the conversation. I see plenty of funny comments that have nothing to do with the story shooting up to +5. Maybe I need to develop my sense of humor. Oh well I'm just ranting now.

Seriously though, anyone think that it might be fair to let user accounts gravitate back to the neutral starting point of +1 after a few YEARS?

Yes I could just make a new account to post with, but I don't wanna. :p

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