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Journal Journal: What do you eat in secret?

I eat bread (bagels or donuts) and swedish fish candy (or anything similar). After I left the house to go to work I bought four bagles and a couple small bags of "gummi" candy. I had one bagel, and handful of candy, and I threw the rest away. There's three bucks down the drain. Think about that. If I did that every week, that's $156! Yet another reason to put my diet in order, and get into the pool at the Y, to lose some weight and save some money.
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Journal Journal: Don't mention (or defend) the Pope on Slashdot

I learned yesterday that Slashdoters may value reason and technical acumen, but when it comes to religion, reason is replaced with sophomoric hate speach at least, and rank bigotry at worst. It is impossible to have an intelligent conversation about religion with most posters here. For them religion means oppression and ill-reason, nothing else and nothing more. What a pity.

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Journal Journal: My first jounal entry: "Dear Slashdot Diary...."

The subject sounds like "What I did on my summer vacation." Or worse. It's pretty bold to journal live on Slashdot. Am I geeky enough to be in this crowd? We'll see. This is a work and personal journal, without opening my kimono too much.

To begin, today's problems are, thankfully, small: lack of sleep, due to an early-rising child, and car repairs (which are never less than $300 and will likely be $1,000 when all is said and done). The devil is not in the details, its in deferred maintenance.

My chief work task today is manually re-creating a flat file of user records to load over those marked "do not change." That and finding out why oh why we got records for the fam-damnly loaded into the library system.

I'll take care of The Child tonight so my wife gets a break from parenthood. And if time permits, do the following:

      * Finish updating the R packages on my PC, just to have 'em all.
      * Figure out how to automatically start Apache 1.3 under Cygwin.
      * Figure out how to automatically start PostgreSQL 8.1, also under Cygwin.
      * Remove some unused software (yes, under Cygwin).
      * Put XEmacs back on my PC for no good reason.

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