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Submission + - Google releases VP8 video codec

atamido writes: Google has released On2's VP8 video codec to the world, royalty free. They are packaging in with Vorbis audio, in a subset of the Matroska container, and calling it WebM. It's not branded as an exclusively Google project — Mozilla and Opera are also contributors. Builds of your favorite browsers with full support are available here.

The Sopranos Meet H-1B In New Jersey 324

theodp writes "We smack this IT geek around a little, take him for a nice car ride, threaten to 'take care of him' if he doesn't recant his story, give him 5 G's for his trouble, and badda boom, badda bing, case dismissed. Federal prosecutors allege that an H-1B visa-holding IT employee who was owed some $53,000 in back wages was threatened in meetings at restaurants and in his home if he didn't change his story. However, the victim captured some of what happened on tape, and two employees of an Illinois-based IT staffing company — not named in the indictment but identified by the NJ Star-Ledger as ComData Consulting Inc. of Rolling Meadows, IL — are now facing extortion-related charges and a possible 20 years in prison."

Comment Re:Nexus One vs iPhone 3Gs vs. N900 (Score 1) 189

My Nokia 5800 already has text to speech. And speech to text! It can e.g. say the name of someone if that someone calls me. And it can recognize a name that I speak into the microphone, without me previously recording it. That feature surprised me, and from my experience works very well.

Symbian has that feature, but I don't think maemo has got it yet. Based on what I've read so far, TTS on Android seems to be much more comprehensive. For example, you can do browser form filling through speech-to-text.

Yes, I should have made that distinction of J2ME vs full Java. Although I think that full Java on Android is definitely possible with those specs. (And on the iPhone too. But I read a statement from Jobs, that he personally thinks Java is crap and therefore the iPhone will not have it. Which as a Java developer, I find pretty arrogant, considered that every single phone of the last 10 years that is out there, except for the iPhone, supports J2ME. In fact is it so common, that software often is not even labeled as being J2ME anymore. Also on at least all modern Nokia phones, you get accelerated OpenGL ES, accelerated EAX-HD-like sound effects, and every important API exposed. It’s all in all a great development platform.)

I don't think Apple will ever allow Java on their handhelds. For one thing, it breaks their appstore model and I think they simply don't like VMs. So no Java, no Adobe Flash.

I'm in the market for a new phone and have pretty much made up my mind on N900. But N1 does look very interesting

Comment Re:Code Name is Offensive (Score 1) 366

they'll be paid crap for their work, etc. Despite it being a so-called "economic powerhouse", only about 60k of its inhabitants have more than US $1 million net worth. It has over 5.8 million people living there. It makes the wage gap in this country look postively equalitarian.

Let me introduce something for you... Purchasing Power Parity. I hope you are merely making an observation and not being judgmental. If the latter, I should point out that more people are moving in to the middle-class than ever before. Places in South America and the Near East probably have a wider gap, but what's the point in fixating on one little metric.

Red Hat Software

Submission + - Fedora 12 released ( 1

AdamWill writes: The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the release of Fedora 12 today. With all the latest open source software and major improvements to graphics support, networking, virtualization and more, Fedora 12 is one of the most exciting releases so far. You can download it here. There's a one-page guide to the new release for those in a hurry. The full release announcement has details on the major features, and the release notes contain comprehensive information on changes in this new release. Known issues are documented on the common bugs page.

Submission + - The "Go" Programming Language, released by Googl (

neptunusmaris writes: Google Releases a new programming language "Go"

Rob Pike, a principal engineer at Google, says Go's goal is to serve as a systems language, in the way that C++ or C does today.
"It's fast for development but it also is a true compiled language," he explained. "We're opening sourcing it now because we think it's reached the point of being fun and useful and powerful."

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