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Journal Journal: Fart

Pffffft! *FART*

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Journal Journal: NP Complete

When getting through the day is NP Complete, what are you supposed to do?

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Journal Journal: Wow

Been awhile since I typed into this. To my loyal audience, sorry to keep you checking this every day, some of you nearly every hour, to see if I have updated it. Well, rejoice as I am here to tickle your eyes. Said Jesus, "light upon darkness will cease to keep alive the destiny of our sins." I'll remember this when the nukes start to fall. It's an interesting quote really and could have some relevance today. It's scary really how symbolic something like this could be. This thought from Jesus could be interpreted in many ways, and for anyone that believes in Him then, as His word is always true, this statement from Him must have some validity. But what is it? It resonates with negativity but perhaps Jesus was implying his death and resurrection were the light that crushed the darkness. Perhaps, but actually not at all. In fact, if you believe Jesus said this, even for a second, it's further proof the church can just as easily make their ideas up as a tool to manipulate their agendas, sustain their power and influence and increase their wealth. What was written above is a lie, but I have intuition that tells me it's as truthful as any page of the Bible, Qur'an and any other book of hatred, fear and division.

Does God even have the patience for our absurdity?

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Journal Journal: ONE MORE DAY

One more exam. Been studying hard, cannot wait for it to be able to spend more time with Ashlee and friends etc. She's great, damn I'm lucky. To all you out there, I'm happy I'm not you as you wouldn't have this great girl. She really makes life great, when I'm stressed out, disgusted with school or whatever, I just have to think about her and remember how good I really have it.

Anyways, been studying hard and hope to do well on this exam tomorrow. I'm sure Dr. Dumitrescu will make it as hard as possible, oh well. That's life I suppose.

I'm already excited about next fall. I hope to have a good semester as I can tell the end is near. Will have a study partner as Ashlee and I will be going to the library a lot hopefully. That really helps someone with as bad of study habits as me...not that I have bad study habbits, but I usually prefer to study things not related to my current classes at the time....or, I study things in the classes I have, but not always realevant to what we are doing as a class. Of course, teachers don't reward explooration very much...just if you can pass the test.

Must get back to my study session.

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Journal Journal: 5/11/03

Didn;t do anythng that great today. Studied some more, wasted time on Slashdot, like I am now. Cannot wait, almost there...

I wish.

I will.

Anyways, have a good night,..,.

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Journal Journal: 5/9/03

Nice day today. Got to have dinner with my girlfriend, Ashlee. Had to go into my job for a couple hours but it wasn't too bad. Great basketball game today, Sac and Dallas. Dallas in double OT. Need to study for exams tonight. First journal entry, fairly boring. Hopefully I get better at this thing one day.

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