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Comment Re:No Laws, No Service (Score 1) 142

That's not my thinking at all. What I'm saying, these countries don't abide by the laws that the rest of the world abide by, so why do we treat them as equal. What countries like Africa are doing is cyber war against us, so why do we sit on our fat asses and do nothing?

Comment Internet Part II (Score 1) 183

It will require a whole new Internet to keep bad guys out. One Internet with all the lock down measures in place, and one with all the free rain and dangers that come with it. I'm thinking this will all be done by companies like Google and Microsoft. They will probably have some options in the search engine to enable this.

Comment Is it for your TV or other Project? (Score 1) 233

If you're looking for something to connect to a TV, the MK802 or MK808 is clearly the winner. If you're looking to make a toy, or run some lights, than Pi is the choice. I have the UG802 and it's very small/powerful for all that it does, but XBMC doesn't support HW decoding yet. Raspberry Pi looks cool, but the specs are lousy compared to the alternative. Another obvious choice that no-one mentioned are used Android Phones. I just upgraded my phone and have a Galaxy S phone no longer being used. Still looking for a good project to make use of it.

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