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Journal Journal: Youtube censorship

Youtube has been quietly banning videos and accounts of people who post anti islomofacist or anti Muslim videos. Some racy some tame some simply videos that contain a Danish cartoon or two.

See and . The second link shows a banned video that is very tame.

On the flip side I've seen no banning of all the islomofacist propaganda videos by groups like Hezbullah that are much more hardcore in hate and some show brutal torture and death. (search for Hezbullah, Zionist,...)

Journal Journal: Bad Karma

Looks like I have 'bad karma' for the first time. If you look at my messages and add up the points I should have good karma. But my last post about 'Bush Judges' went way positive, then back to one, and I'm thinking alot of PPL modded it down, not because of content, but of politics. So there is probably hidden negitive karma there. Even though the post is at +1.

Don't know how low my karma is right now or how many points I need to get it back up, but it is negitive for now.


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