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Comment Bug-Hunters? (Score 1) 29

Looking at their web-site they sound more like weapon dealers to me: "The team employs exclusive in-house techniques to create a working exploit tool for the vulnerability" and "We design our offerings such that our clients can digest the information regardless of their intended implementation."

Comment Step in the tight direction but far too little... (Score 1) 156

This is a very small step in the right direction.

The bandwidth requirements of modern monitor cables are insane. We have up to nearly 40gbps between a PC and a 4K monitor with 60Hz.

The strange thing is: it is already been proven that 50mbps are more than enough (with compression). There are three orders of magnitude in between.

IMHO the next monitor cable should be something like CAT6A and the GPU and the monitor should speak over an IP connection. This would greatly simplify a lot of things.

Comment Easy question (Score 1) 832

"Why do you think Twitter hasn't enforced their own Terms of Service rules when it comes to Donald Trump?"

Well: Trump equals attention, attention equals visitors, visitors equal ad impressions, ad impressions equal money.

In case someone didn't notice:

Attention (not regard or esteem) has become a de facto currency in the last years.

How do you think people like Limbaugh, Beck or Trump can make a living? From honest work? Please don't make me laugh. They use their hate and bully-ness to create attention which they monetize.

You find the mechanisms at work in Gamergate or Puppygate or whatever the attention whores come up with :-(.ï

Comment Re:A rather large "destroyer" (Score 1) 331

The German Pocket Battleships (Graf Spee, Admiral Sheer, Lützow) of World War II were slightly smaller than this "destroyer" ;-).

The HMS Dreadnought (which gave it's name to complete class of super-battleships) was only about 1/3 larger.

The Gearing-class destroyer (WW II too) about a 1/4th of the size of the Zumwalt.

Comment Re:Why more careful? (Score 3, Insightful) 109

Yep, it is only a failure in delivery.

Had I spent money on it, I would not have considered the "investment" failed.

I (co-)founded several companies in my career. The chances of success are rarely better than 1:4, rather 1:10 in most cases.

So instead of saying "it failed" let's use "We found a 1-million-US$ approach that doesn't work" ;-).

Comment Re:Disagree with the language used... (Score 1) 576

If I wish to scare a recruit sufficiently to obey me and charge into near certain death at some point in the future, I may chose that approach. And it works only with a certain type.

Should I rely on the recruits intellectual work, that approach would be very counter-productive. Believe me, pointing out a stupid mistake in a very discrete manner can achieve a much better effect.

P.S. Went through army training (15 months) and really can't remember a single thing of what was yelled at me back then.

P.P.S. If you want people to change their ways, exposure or coverage actually damages the cause. Because people remember the shaming much stronger than the cause. It may have an effect on others as well then, but such is called "making an example of" and I truly hope Linus is above that.

Comment Re:Disagree with the language used... (Score 1) 576

If you do this and say "You moron" to your coworker, you both are on the same power level. But probably nobody except him will ever hear it and he might not even take it serious (because he knows you).

But now imagine that the boss of your boss of your boss says the same about you on an official company meeting in front of all other employees. Even if meant as joke, as most people don't know him personally, it will be taken seriously.

Linus is a very powerful person. Though he did not try to achieve that, he wields an incredible amount of power. He must be very careful wielding it.

There is a reasons that medieval kings usually spoke most polite. Because when Henry II once uttered "Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?", Thomas Beckett died. Probably Henry did not intend to command murder (historians are divided about that), but it happened nonetheless.

Luckily we live in better times and probably (and I am sorry to have to include that qualifier) nobody will kill anyone else due to a diss by Linus. But if Linus shows anger, this may cost people their job and career.

Comment Re:Disagree with the language used... (Score 1) 576

If he wishes to convey that, he can write "I am angry." But I would advise against that.

Because there is another point, that one should be aware of. There is a huge "power differential" between the sender and the recipient of the mail.

If I were to say "Puff_Of_Hot_Air posts a lot of cr*p online" this might not be nice, but it would not impact his life much (but perhaps our relationship). Our levels of "power" are roughly same.

Should I write the same about an employee of my company, this might make that person fear for his job. That is because in that context, I wield a lot of power. The effect is there, even if I do not intend to do any harm.

Linus is a very powerful person. Not formalized power, but probably more powerful than the average politician. Others may socially or otherwise harm the person dissed in that post. Not because Linus wants it to be done, but just because those persons admire Linus. There are probably a lot of admirers in the area the recipient is working in.

The excessive use of such explicit language will lower the barrier that prevents others from taking a negative action.ï

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