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Journal Journal: Snow in Glasgow

Snow is absent in Scotland. At least the snow I know.

The rain melts all of the seasons into one. With no bitter cold that separates the fall from the spring.

I would love to see a snowfall did not melt in its descent into slush. It would stop the traffic and send the country into chaos but that makes it all more the appealing.

Glasgow has a hundred words for rain and fight. It says a lot about the city. Not that it is a bad place.

It is filled with both good people and bad people. The good ones you want to know, the bad ones make it interesting.

I will never know Glasgow like some of the places I have lived. The small Pennsylvania towns, where I worked for a summer, were on display like a salad on a plate. Glasgow keeps itself a bit more guarded. Maybe that is why I have stuck around for a bit longer.

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Journal Journal: Random Thoughts #1

I want to buy and XBox so I can mod it.

Current Open Source Fascination - Plone and Zope

I want to put a NetWare Server on a Linux Kernel so I can mod it.

Jake 2.0 is a real disappointment- It could have been the 6 Million Dollar man for the 21st Century.

Remember when 6 Million Dollars meant something? You could rebuild someone with that, now that is the Doctor's catering budget.

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Journal Journal: Football League are idiots

Well the Football League has stopped all Sunderland matches having internet commentaries. However, they have not decided if they are replacing it with anything.

The individual teams have lost their rights over the transmission of their matches and this includes the internet. Sunderland and West Ham did not sign the agreement but now it seems that we are included.

I am not against a League making money from the transmission of their matches. But the Football League won't offer this as a pay-for-service.

Instead they just shut it down because they can.


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Journal Journal: Blogging - million voices saying nothing

I got a blog today a Blogspot or something (it is the one that comes with the new Google Toolbar). It is difficult to say anything of any import when blogging. There is little review of the comments. Often it is just a URL or a paste from the current funny.

Sometimes I long for the old days of the internet. At least back then you had to work to get connected (like figuring out subnet masking to get your Mac connected over a 2400 baud line). You felt like you belonged to a special or elite group and not surrounded by a billion teenagers.

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Journal Journal: New Year's Day 2004

Well it is the new start to another year.

Hogmanay was celebrated in the standard Scottish way with 12 hours of cleaning followed by 12 hours of drinking. It is nice to be in a clean house but it knackers you for the following events.

This is a pivotal year in a lot of ways. We will see what happens over the next 12 months. The NHS is changing, NetWare is changing and my own family is changing. I don't know what this life will look like in 12 months time but it certainly will not be as it is today.

I used to love change. Now as the years have piled on, it is becoming more scary. It seems like I don't jump like I used to and have to be pushed to get some form of change under way. Maybe that is a sign of reliability or a movement towards middle age.

The Middle Ages of Andrew - Nice ring to that.

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Journal Journal: 13/11/2003

Off to South Gyle again today to take this Zenworks course. The Novell setup is changing so much you have to wonder if this stuff will be useful after the Novell/Suse/Red Carpet storm settles.

Travelling from Paisley to South Gyle has made it obvious to me that I do not want a long commute as part of my work. Two hours each way is too long and the trains are going to get worse not better as the week goes on.

Need to get this Zenworks project flying at work. It will mean some major upgrades in OS and hardware but should be worth the trouble at the end.

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