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Comment Nonsense (Score 3, Insightful) 139

Nonsense. Job titles in IT are just "guidelines" as for your job duties and job duties are what decide salaries once you've become established at a company. I've seen "sys admins" who wrote C++ code all day long for various system tools and got paid well into 6 figures for it. I've seen DBA's who spend there days building systems and configuring various components of the server who also make 6 figures. I think the bottom line is generally that you need to have multiple strong skill sets and to find ways to apply these various skills at your job. A quick story that probably has no real merit: A linux admin at my current job got saddled with trying to get the microsoft system suite to do a few fancier things in terms of configuration management. This means that he had to write a few dozen modules in C++ to get the right data placed into the microsoft suite. He makes well into 6 figures (we're drinking buds). Talent + effort + correct company == high pay.

Comment Re:Paranoid, but mostly appropriate (Score 4, Interesting) 90

I'm sorry but you are wrong. The privates pilot license isn't "easy to get" it requires hundreds of hours and over 10 grand. "The rules of the air" don't apply under 400 feet in rural areas anyways. The medical certificate is a joke because these aren't planes, they're drones largely driven by software. This isn't a guy pushing a rod connected by mechanical linkage to some flaps. Its a guy pushing a joystick which is just 2 sets of POTS that gets translated into a number and fired off to the drone. The drone then checks those numbers and attempts to perform the command.

Almost all recreational drones(IE the cheap crap ones) have autoland feature when something goes wrong.

So where is the concern? If the FAA wasn't a bunch of ignorant old people the requirement would be straightforward and simple for testing this:

1. GPS must be active. If it goes off or detects it leaves the area permitted it MUST immediately land using an auto land feature.

2. Drink hot coco while flying. For the hell of it,

Comment heh (Score 4, Interesting) 684

Thats the issue, isn't it? DRM only protects something with a physical value of virtually zero. I can just send a few electrons(ok, a few billion or trillion) to someone and suddenly they too own this thing!

What value does the actual data contain? None really. The IDEA that the data represents? That is the value. You can't stop ideas from spreading, thats the reason they are so crucial.

So... what does DRM do? Nothing. Whats the answer? Services. Goods. The exact same things that people have been selling since day 1.

Sorry "artists" but you don't deserve 10 million for your "creation". You deserve, at BEST, 200k a year for your work. Go put on shows and concerts, sell t shirts, sell vinyl, sell physical objects people want to own. Don't expect to get money for something that is free to replicate.

Yes thats right people. I believe people should get paid *ONCE* for there work. Not a billion times over.

Comment Re:If Americans cannot compete with non Americans. (Score 1, Flamebait) 795

Oooh my. Your ignorance hurts my skull. If I, an american born citizen, am making 40k a year and I have a H1-B buddy who also makes 40k do you know who costs more to the company?? The H1-B does. FACT. Its not free to get them here. It costs money. So why do I get paid as much as them if they cost more? Employee's are stupid. We assuming take home == pay.

Comment Re:hardware backdoors (Score 1) 255

You're assuming the point is to read the data. Its not. The point is that china would be able to transmit a single set of instructions across the routers that say 'At 2AM tomorrow, DO NOT ALLOW TRAFFIC THROUGH.' and suddenly Aussie's everywhere lose internet. Which could be a massive security issue if China were to attack right then.

Comment This isn't shocking (Score 1, Insightful) 237

Lets face the facts: 99% of the calls people put into help desks are for a small handful of issues. Even with IBM's wide array of enterprise gear most of it can be broken into a few small trees. From there you keep breaking it down until you get it into a nice neat group. Then you escalate that out to a qualified person.

Most of the calls result in a ticket being created and thats where it stops. It goes out to a qualified person, usually contracted, who fixes it. Indian high schoolers are roughly as well educated as american high schoolers. Meaning they can write, read, and regurgitate information.

Beyond all of that, the lower echelons of IT work is at best blue collar. I know people REALLY want to believe that ghosting an image to 300 desktops is 'hard core' but its not. Kick starting linux servers isn't either. Nor is any other thing that can be easily explained or replicated. Theres a reason those guys get 30k. Its easy work. They just need someone reliable who won't cause problems.

Things get a bit more 'white collar' as you move into sys admin work. A lot of that is still fairly easy, but it has caveats. People who are restarting java app's a few times a day, are clearing out logs, all that crap are still fairly unskilled. Skill starts to pick up you get into work such as fixing servers with crash carts/ilo. When you have a stable server suddenly drop off the network and you log in to fix it. You check SSHD, check network, check uptime, load, all of that... but from there it can go anywhere. What if random commands are throwing odd errors? Oh no! You have entire partitions down! Remounting them isn't fixing it.. so then you start with vgdisplay, etc etc.

Thats when you start earning your money and start really needing people with college *LEVEL* education. (As there is no worth while college degree in sysadmin. Its all very much self taught and then refined through cert programs.)

Comment Re:Duh - Who else would have done it? (Score 2) 382

Does it hurt being so wrong and stupid? I bet it does.. ANYWAYS. Even *after* we nuked them TWICE the emperor surrendered.. but what did the military do? They fucking attempted a coup. So EVEN if the emperor had agreed to surrender before the nuke the military STILL would of attempted a coup and probably won before the nukes landed.

Comment Re:lulz (Score 0) 532

Actually a general was ordered to try and attack a us navy force as part of a war game. The general was suppose to be 'iran'. He blew up almost all of the navy force before they even knew what was up. He was later discharged for it. He utilized speed boats and a shit ton of home made explosives.

Comment I doubt it (Score 2) 129

It doesn't make any real sense why people would stop downloading over bittorrent suddenly this year. If anything I imagine the big bittorrent users(The scene guys and usenet folk) just started to using encrypted tunnels to rented servers. You can get a decent one with 500gb's of traffic for cheap. You can easily ramp that up to 1tb+ for under 100$ a month. While yes, that is beyond what most people will use, but its not unreal to think that the big bandwidth users(500gb + a month) are moving towards it. I know that several scene users utilize these remote servers. Combine that with SSL encrypted traffic between clients and wham! Big drop in detectable traffic.

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