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Comment Re: uh, no (Score 1) 148

The "if used correctly" bit is the problem. People aren't perfect. Even the really good, really experienced, really careful ones make mistakes. It's easier to avoid certain kinds of mistakes in other languages than in C. You can, of course, write perfect, secure code in C. You can do the same programming machine code using toggle switches too. It's just harder and takes more effort, which makes it more difficult to avoid mistakes.

Comment Re:UK power, then and now (Score 1) 83

If you want to troll you should at least try and say something remotely plausible to somebody who was ill-informed about the world, like saying it would be 9th. You get one mark for including a percentage to make it look like you had some actual data, and one mark just for showing up. 2/10. You need to work harder than that to make the Special Olympics, kid.

Comment Re:Truly despicable (Score 1) 359

EEA freedom of movement only applies to EEA nationals. Countries don't grant citizenship to asylum seekers, at least not until they've been there for quite some time. So, no, all the recently arrived Syrian refugees granted asylum in Germany are not allowed into the UK - unless they get a visa or citizenship of a EEA country.

Comment Re:Show me the data (Score 1) 198

As elementary knowledge of the world and well reasoned argument still haven't clued you in to the fact that a $7bn value for a single human life is obviously completely ridiculous, here's a link to the EPA website. No doubt you will be the only one to be surprised to find that the figure is indeed $7 million. $7.4 million in 2006 dollars, to be precise.

Comment Re:Strategy and Tactics (Score 1) 158

I'd shoot the people. Each one of them you take down - and I bet they're easier to take down than a robot pony - is 200 lbs more the squad has to carry, reduces the carrying capacity by 100 lbs, reduces their firepower, costs the enemy more money and personnel, and damages morale a hell of a lot more than the loss of a robot.

Comment Re:Good luck getting the protestors to support tha (Score 1) 744

> No, the stock price is relatively high because a relatively large number of shares have been purchased recently. Stock price has nothing to do with the company's profitability.

The high demand for Apple's shares has absolutely nothing to do with their staggering profitability. Not at all. Totally unrelated. People would be willing to pay just as much for Apple shares if they were losing $13bn a quarter rather than making $13bn.

Comment Re:Disagree. (Score 1) 406

I've tried all sorts of things. It just doesn't offer a light-gun-style aim-down-sights 1:1 mapping - which it could, approximately, with a little calibration. I know where something I am holding is actually pointing, so the Wii is horrible to use for FPS because it doesn't work the way you expect. Physically it appears to work one way - as a direct pointing device - but actually it's more like a mouse. A dirty, low DPI ball mouse. There is no calibration beyond saying it's above of below the TV. You can't even tell it how big your TV is so it just doesn't have enough information to know where on the screen the Wiimote is actually pointing.

Comment Re:Disagree. (Score 0) 406

The Wii would be good for FPS if the fucking cursor actually pointed where the Wiimote is pointing and it had sufficient precision. Alas, neither of those things are true. It's just a big, clumsy, imprecise floating mouse. For FPS it's worse than an analogue stick, let alone a mouse.

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