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Comment Edna Snowden? (Score 1) 764

I highly doubt that the evil white man BRADLEY Manning would have gotten any mercy from The President. The only "rights" that Obama seems to care about are women's rights, black rights, gay rights, trans rights and whatever other "special persons" rights. White men be damned

Maybe Snowden should start identifying as a female to get his pardon?

Comment Re:Say flippin' WHAT? (Score 1) 278

Trump certainly said things that were wrong, but did he lie, or was he mostly just running his mouth on topics about which he didn't have much of a clue?

The article talks about him being more "genuine" than his rivals. There's a difference between saying something that's not true when you know it's not true(telling a lie) and making a false statement when you are "genuinely" uninformed.

Comment Re:"Medical" should be in quotes (Score 2) 144

" In 99.9999% of cases it has nothing to do with medicine or treating any illness. "

Oh come on! That's an exaggeration and you know it. It's "medical marijuana" because it requires a prescription.

The f***ing FDA doesn't give a damn about The People. It is owned by the big pharmaceutical corporations! A majority of Congress is likewise owned based on their recent bi-partisan vote to keep the ban on importing drugs from Canada. Note that these same corporations are funding anti-decriminalization efforts all over the country. They obviously think "medical marijuana" is effective in treating some conditions. Even if they have a treatment of their own, it's likely that medical marijuana would be able to undercut their ridiculous prices.

That aside, there are definitely cases where medical pot has proven effective where conventional medicine has failed:


Note that if you saw someone with epilepsy walk into a medical marijuana clinic, they would most likely look like a normal, healthy person.

Epilepsy can be notoriously difficult to treat. Prescription medication is a crap shoot. The neurologists throw drug after drug at the patient *hoping* that something will work. The drugs can have serious side effects however, so the treatment can be almost as bad as the disease. People with "generalized seizures"(which affect the entire brain) are not candidates for surgery either because you can't point to any particular spot for an operation.

Epilepsy sucks! If "medical marijuana" can restore the quality of life for people with severe seizures, I don't care how many people use the loophole to get their jollies.

Comment Re:Enter the casual, brazen SJW injection (Score 2) 495

The OP was not objecting to the study reporting the disparities between racial and ethnic groups. The critique was related to the extra verbiage they appended to the statement:

"...reflecting the legacy of discrimination for jobs, education and housing."

Where's the intellectual merit in presenting a hypothetical explanation for their observations in language which treats the hypothesis as fact? The claim is not only "dubious", it's intellectually dishonest because it implies that there are no other variables which *might* contribute to the observed discrepancy. Furthermore, something as nebulous as "discrimination" is extremely difficult to quantify and could not therefore be proven to be the one and only explanation for their observations.

Yes, it's a casually inserted phrase attempting to get the reader to accept politically correct, SJW dogma as a matter of fact. It's good to catch these sorts of things in any context.

Comment Double standards? (Score 4, Insightful) 272

Throughout the entire Obama presidency, the administration has been absolutely paranoid about leaks and has cracked down on whistleblowers like no other administration in history.

Over the past few months, all this "Russian hacking" stuff has been dominating the mainstream media. In story after story, especially from sites like WaPo, reporters are always quoting "anonymous sources in government" or unnamed "intelligence officials" as their sources. These "sources" have obviously leaked numerous details of classified intelligence reports to the media, yet the Obama administration exhibits absolutely no concern whatsoever about these particular leaks.

If Snowden is a criminal for leaking classified information to the media, why isn't there a full scale government investigation to identify the people who are leaking this classified "Russian hacking" stuff to the media? Do we have any laws left which are enforced in a fair & uniform manner? A government which makes it a practice of enforcing laws arbitrarily is an illegitimate government.

Comment Re:Karma is a bitch (Score 1) 373

The supply chain and the resources are far more critical than production. Your food still gets trucked in from rural areas. Your big cities, especially the ones in the West, also have vulnerable electrical grids because the power is delivered by a few main lines. i.e. it wouldn't take much sabotage to put many of you in the dark. Then, there are the places where water must be pumped in over great distances. A week-long supply chain and utility interruption and you city scum will be cannibalizing each other or fleeing into the countryside. And we have enough weapons and ammo to kill all of you 10x over.

Don't get into a pissing contest with rural America.

Many of the big cities are near the oceans. If you believe all the dire "global warming" prognostications, what are you going to do when your cities are under water?

Comment Re:Still Expensive (Score 1) 372

"Death Panel" is an inflammatory term, but it has a basis in fact. Any government-run medical system must limit the amount of goods and services provided. Otherwise, costs would quickly spiral out of control. People in such systems are put on wait lists and people on wait lists sometimes die before getting the services they need. Despite its many faults, the USA healthcare system can typically(except for transplants & such) administer goods and services "on demand".
Anyone who believes that a government healthcare system in the USA means "Everything stays the same except for prices" is utterly naive.

Government healthcare means that those in charge must make decisions to ration services and those decisions WILL result in the deaths of some people in the system. Is that a "death panel"? IMO, that term conjures up the wrong image, but I can see why people use it.

Comment Re:What (Score 1) 372

There are "fixed costs" and "marginal costs". You're considering only the latter and only the materials portion thereof. What about the wages and salaries, utilities, maintenance, packaging, shipping and other ongoing expenses?

Yes, after a company has done all the R&D, completed all the testing/trials, waded through the ocean of government red tape and built a manufacturing facility, the marginal cost of one additional unit might be small. However, the fixed cost of all the up-front investment has to be amortized over each unit produced.

And dare I suggest that a company needs to earn a profit in order to stay in business?

Comment Obviously the Russians (Score 1) 60

A high ranking intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, cited details of a classified government report which confirms without a doubt that hackers working on behalf of the Russian government, and personally supervised by Vladimir Putin, are conspiring to hack pacemakers in elderly Democrat-leaning USA voters to interfere with the 2018 elections.

Comment Re:Buyback deal (Score 1) 126

The terms are actually more favorable than what you're proposing because the settlement isn't directly linked to the purchase of a different vehicle. The customers are entitled to a direct payment in the amount of the former NADA value of the cars, plus several thousand dollars in bonus cash. No strings attached.

My neighbor had one of these and he was really happy with the terms of the settlement. The annoying thing for him was that it took so long for it to be finalized.

Comment Re:This is why most people are skeptical (Score 0) 436

Agreed that it's up to the person making the assertions to provide the evidence. I'm not going through the entire list, but the massaging of the data is real.

"Keep in mind that these data are subject to large adjustments"

Instruments have been upgraded from mercury thermometers to digital sensors. The "scientists" claim that this introduces a cooling bias and adjust temperature upward. The time of day in which observations are made has changed. The "scientists" claim that this change also introduces a cooling bias, so another upward revision is made.
"Urbanization" (basically heat from pavement) creates a warming bias, etc. etc.
There are also certain "quality control" adjustments.

"If you plot the quality controlled data prior to the adjustments, the temperature record is mostly flat."

See figure #5 at the above URL

The adjustments in and of themselves are not proof of some grand conspiracy, but questioning the methodology used to massage the data is fair game for the skeptics.

Comment Embedded software? (Score 4, Insightful) 261

I think the best way to answer the question would be to select some areas where you'd like to live and then spend some time searching for jobs in those areas.

I was searching for employment ~18 months ago, mostly in the Northeast USA. It definitely seemed like I was seeing a lot of jobs for embedded software developers. So many that I was toying with the idea of going back to school and acquiring some of the requisite skills.

Comment How can a nation "switch off" FM radio? (Score 1) 303

"Norway is set to become the first nation to start switching off its FM radio network..."

I've read read several articles and none of them describe the mechanism by which they will accomplish this. If it was only broadcasts by the state-owned "Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation" I could understand, but it seems like they're talking about all FM radio. It's not like they can just flip a switch and "turn off" part of the EM spectrum. Does it mean that the Norwegian government is going to make it illegal for anyone to do FM broadcasting?

Comment "microcontroller" vs. "PCB"? (Score 2) 83

This open source microcontroller has been around for 10+ years:,c...

This is truly "open source" because you can download the actual VHDL source files and compile them into your own chip design.

The article seems to be confusing a "printed circuit board"(PCB) with a "microcontroller". The author keeps referring to the "HiFive1" as a "microcontroller". It's not. It's a circuit board. The FE310 is the "microcontroller".

From the company website:

HiFive1 Features & Specifications
        Microcontroller: SiFive Freedom E310 (FE310)

It looks like the Altium files are "open source", but Altium is PCB design software. I don't see a place where you can download the VHDL, Verilog source code or even a netlist and layout(e.g. a GDS file) of the actual FE310 microcontroller. That appears to be proprietary IP. I don't see how this is any more of an "open source" microcontroller than the Atmel or PIC chips.

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