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Journal Journal: April Fool

Slashdot is a funny place on April fools day it really is, but one thing that today's pinkdot theme has brought out is that female geeks are just as weird as their male conterparts.

There are a small number of female geeks on their high horses (cute ponies?) moaning that the whole thing is sexist. Its not sexist, its a bit of fun on April fools day. Sexist would be refusing you a job because you are a woman, this is not that.

Please grow up, stop moaning and realise that people are allowed to have a bit of fun. Most of the female population (in fact the population as a whole) understands this - I just wish the geeks would too.

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Journal Journal: Linux Fanboys

Sometimes I worry about /.

I just wrote what I think is my finest comment ever, on a linux thread. It was witty, sharply observed and true.

Started out well, it got modded +1 insightul. Great.

Things went down from there. First it gets modded -1 overrated, which really needs to be pulled from /. Its moderation without explanation and this doesn't make any sense.

Then finally, some moron posts a load of bollocks in respose. I just can't win. I'm gonna stay out of the Linux threads from now on, the fanboys are just too full of their own shit.

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Journal Journal: Microsoft and XML

It seems strange that a number of /. users are expecting Microsoft to magically convert Office documents and all the OLE objects and CLSIDs contained in them into plain text XML in one version. This would require them to take out a feature that probably 80% of users have used (OLE) and replace it with one probably about 1% will use (XML file structure). This is not going to happen.

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Journal Journal: Mingin'

I've got a cold and I feel crap.

That and I accidently typed pkg_delete -a on my FreeBSD box.

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