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Journal Journal: Ice-Day

Everyone except one co-worker showed up to work today. I was in part of the midwest that recieved heavy ice last night (with a sprinkle of snow, I even heard God go "Bam" when it came down), prompting this.

However, this leaves me to model the program I work on 80% of my time to the new Department Head. Not a problem, I know it inside and out, I'm very confident and I cleaned up my area yesterday (knowing he was going to walk by my office to my Boss's to see the program).

The problem is, through random mishaps and accidents, I have bitten my tongue no less than 5 times this week. When I speak I sound like a mix between a junkie and a two-year-old. As humorous as this is to my wife and co-workers, it does leave me a little apprehensive giving a presentation to the big boss. I'll survive, but the hope of giving a good impression is dwindling quickly.

Until next time, this is the saltine cracker of the world saying good night.
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Journal Journal: Journal

I'm making a mark in my permanent record. It feels vaguely similar to using a port-a-potty:

You KNOW you are leaving an impression.
Literally giving a sh*t.
It doesn't seem to matter, since everyone and their dog can also sh*t in the same place as you.

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